World’s fastest internet : 40 gbps, can download full HD DVD in 2 seconds

Its not a rumor , its something which is live in Swedon in a 75 year old lady Sigbritt Löthberg’s house.She is the mother of Swedish internet legend Peter Löthberg who, along with Karlstad Stadsnät, the local council’s network arm, has arranged the connection.

40 gbps internet speed in swedon

As reported the trick behind the setup is a “new modulation technique which allows data to be transferred directly between two routers up to 2,000-kilometers apart with no intermediary transponders

The power of such high speed internet connection , gives Sigbritt an option to download a full HD DVD movie in just 2 seconds.

Amazing isnt it ?? This is how fiber optic technology for transferring the data can revolutionize the internet world. Time is not that far when this kind of high speed internet will be available worldwide and that too on a wide scale because of the rising demand of high definition audio video,which result in exponential increase in size of a small video clips.

Some time back I heard the news , that some celebrities are kind of scared of High Definition Video as it may make their wrinkles on face visible on the big screen. This just gives an idea of the clarity in HD video.

via engadget, thelocal image : theredwoodmotel

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25 comments on “World’s fastest internet : 40 gbps, can download full HD DVD in 2 seconds

  1. 40Gbps???? Cant believe it. Nice find. Stumbled.

  2. @nirmal, thanks a lot for stumbling the post. Me and you can just imagine … think about the lady who is experience it right at her home :-D

  3. it might be possible 40 gbps. but it require huge system capacity in infrastructure. a noraml IT comp spends millions of $$$$ for jus few 10-15 mbps line.

    it means that an old lady 75 of age is using the inernet @ 2.5 billion $ or 1 hour surfing…

    isn’t that gr888.

    • estupido

      You must be kidding me. millions for 15-20 mbps line?
      tell me its a bad joke
      what century do you live in?
      japan has 1 gbps available for residential condos at 60$ a month

  4. @jai kr , Nice point there :) . Well yeah the 75 year old lady is actually the mother of the , Swedish internet legend. Most probably it might be government funded , as a tribute to the services of the guy. :)

  5. Ross Spencer

    This is impossible, even the most highest spec hard drive available to date, can only write at approx 3.5gbps.
    So theroetically, you would be able to download from the internet at that speed, but there isn’t the technology available to use the full potential, so your actual download speeds would be limited from 40mbps to that of your hard drive.

  6. May be we can use it for high speed streaming video. You can see a HD DVD quality video online from a video streaming server. :)

  7. @ross ,

    you are right , its not practically possible. Its written in the post this fast internet gives an option for her to download HD movies in 2 secs. May be after some time when HDD will support that much speed , then this will be a working option :) .

    @smackall : that gives another good solution .. :) .. gr8 .

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  14. 3d Movies

    Long live Blu Ray ;-)

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  15. super ped

    uh… 40gbps, no way!

  16. yuvaraj

    he its possible
    i have seen modem of 500 tera bytes
    i work in microsoft in america
    i am indian origin

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  20. yeah yeah yeah whatever… if internet speed 100000gps
    but your computer slow like 1mb ram how long to wait……………………………………………………………………………plug your 1gb usb and move all data to your computer with your pentium1 computer and 1mb ram how long to wait………….

    think about that first…………1#

  21. What a joke, it is not possible in 21st century,it is possible in 22nd century

    • It is possible and it is all true everyone knows Sweden is the most advanced country in the world to this date the fastest a private person can get at the moment with that i mean everyone is 200mgps up and down that is faster then most other country s. last year at DHW11 (dreamhack winter 2011) they had 120gbps so 40gbps for this lady is really possible