Which one is the real nokia N98 ???

Internet is flooded with photoshoped images of Nokia N98. Nokia GM for mobile communication business unit reviled that

Nokia will be launching a Entirely New Type of mobile next year.

Have a look at the pictures below of leaked Nokia N98 flooding the internet.

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nokia N98
This one has specification as

  • 7.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens
  • optical zoom x5 and digital zoom x20
  • 3.5 inch VGA 16 million color touch screen
  • GPS
  • Symbian S70 3rd edition ( Funny huh !! )
  • graphics accelerator
  • bluetooth/WIFI b+g+n/HSDPA

and this

nokia N98


nokia N98

and this

nokia N98

anyway we are just waiting first for N81 and N82 .

Nokia N98 its better we leave for Next year .

Check out leaked pictures of Nokia Tube and N85

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36 comments on “Which one is the real nokia N98 ???

  1. Wow. Looks like we have different varieties of N98 and one even has an iPhone looks. :D

    • Scam, fake, may as well add a samsung and change the name to N99 hahahaha N98 image was made start of 2008, amazing how it still hasnt showed up on the REAL Nokia website :)

  2. you are right nirmal

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  4. I want one of each one!!!!! :-)

  5. one of each one !!! :-O .. gonna be damm costly if they turn into reality which is totally doubtful.

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  7. the pci w/ nokia design (the 2 rectangular phones) are said to be launched next year by Nokia.

  8. @john, will be waiting for the announcement

  9. The firts is the nokia n98, the second and the third are just desingnes of the nokia n98 and the fourth one i not a Nokia phone.

  10. I can tell you this, the first two phones are a possibility..the third phone is already out..and it is not a N98..It is the “nokla N95″ yes NOKLA not Nokia..my friend has one of them..it is just a fake model of the real N95 and it is touchscreen as well..you can find videos on youtube too..but i doubt the second picture is real either..the first one was officially released by Nokia france ..so its defenitily going to look like the first picture.

  11. the last one is a copy of a chinese phone…

  12. Real person thinking

    Please be inform that there is a chinese company use to really “copy” most of the branded phone and use the same name too. I found those copied phone model review in youtube. Goto

    The first one stylish design touchscreen most likely will be the real one, one website i found it give quite good info. http://www.mobile88.com

    At the moment the Nokia N98 is still concept, wish it launch soon. I will be getting one too.



  15. Chinese !!! hmmm seen lots of chinese phones. Checkout before you buy , hope they are good atleast for one year. Here in Dubai we get chinese phones with 3 month warranty :D

  16. Even the features in it is not that competitive. I love original phones over these cheap ones…

  17. @smackall, feature wise you are wrong. For ex: if you see a chinese phone of INR 8000, it will have TV ( free to air channels ) , 3.0 inch touchscreen, good screen resolution, high volume stereo speakers , great sound quality , and other stuffs like MP3 , bluetooth etc + 3 month waranty :lol: .. So featurewise they are really rich compared to price.

  18. @Kanak
    Oh, I see. When I tried my friend’s Korean made phone which was similar to N95, it has nothing other than touchscreen interesting there.

  19. @smackall
    Then it must be costing around INR 3000. Coz its the cost of a chinese phone here in Dubai which has nothing other than a touchscreen :)

  20. daveeeeeeee

    yeah just so everybody knows, the one that looks like an iphone is the real nokia n98. its about to release in France.

  21. oops !! i hope its not chinese.. no news from nokia about n98

  22. Yeah, seems so…I found nothing about this series in Nokia website. The funiest thing I read is someone else has bought it last year. Written in the product “Made in Korea”.

  23. the last one is chinese brandn and its not a real nokia brand. the first one is the real N98 concept. it has the nokiaTM brand on it. well at least thats what nokia’s brands should look like.

  24. I had a software problem with my damn new Nokia phone and the service center stupids literally messed up the equipment and it has become a piece of crap now. It was well within the warranty period and still these guys could not even fix it and now say that it cannot be fixed at all since they burnt some piece of hardware in it. With this horrible support that NOkia provides I would never dare to buy another Nokia equipment in India. And the law systems are so horrible too that I do not want to go to the courts. Raj.

  25. the first one is photoshopped. the second is random shit. so is the third. the fouth is sony ericson x2

  26. There is no Nokia98. KeĀ“?

  27. How smooth do the top two look, did someone mention that none of them are the real N98?

  28. The phones are not x86 based or compatible so they can’t run Windows natively, and the processors aren’t powerful enough to run an x86 emulator at sufficient speeds to run any version of Windows, except maybe windows 3.0 or 3.1.

  29. If it’s not a real version and it doesn’t work, you probably can throw it away. To make it works, you probably need a master degree in electronic engineering.

  30. Those fake cellphones are designed to target cellphone networks in China. Also their qualities are pretty poor and no services after sales for them even in China. It is a bad idea to buy such kind of phone, no matter how cheap it is.

  31. When is Nokia N98 set to be released globally? Can you go ahead with some specifications?

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  33. :) ___________EXCELLANT DESIGN____________:)