Unlock the lock : Security master code for nokia can help

Lots of time it happens; you forget the security code of your mobile phone. Now if you own a nokia mobile phone , you just need to know your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

To check your IMEI number, type *#06# on the main screen. This number can also be found on the backside of the handset. Just remove the battery

You can visit a site which will calculate the Master Code of your phone. This code can be used to change your present Lock/Security code.


Things to remember :

  • Lock/Security Code is not the PIN Code.
  • If you want to remove the Service Provider Lock, then this is the wrong thread.
  • The Master Codes are only for DCT-3 and DCT-4 phones.

What are DCT-3 and DCT-4 phones ?

You can check whether you phone is a DCT-3 or DCT-4 phone by having a look at this list which includes DCT-3 and DCT-4 phones.

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83 comments on “Unlock the lock : Security master code for nokia can help

  1. hey…i still can’t get the phone lock security lol….my phone is nokia xpressmusic 5800…plz help me…almost 2 weeks i try my best to try any number on my screen…huhuhuhuhuh

  2. Hi, you have to take it to nokia care center now.

  3. The Glue

    I’ve reset my phone and after a reset and the phone restarting, the phone asking for the security code. I entered the security code that I’ve set before but the phone keeps saying that the code error. Can you please help me? My phone is Nokia 5610 XpressMusic.

    • chirag jethava

      i have same problem but i do it you want to unlock ur phone then startup your phone and wait for 10 to 20 minutes then you show the screen saver which is applied by you in your mobile screen then show your mobile and insert password which is used by you if it doesnt work then try password 12345 or 1122 then your phone is started so do it today if not then rpl me if done then also rpl me.

    • Bikash Debbarma

      U can format the phone. but u may not get back the datas. check out how to format. I did it.

    • same is with me did u found any solution pliz share

    • hadayet

      my cell is E63.I want to restore the cell,but I forgotten the code,please help how I break the code

  4. thanks for this. u can get the code from http://www.nokiafever.com/

  5. I searched for free unlock code but it is not available. So i purchased from http://www.mobile-unlocker.com/. From this website i got the unlock code as well as the instructions now there is no problem with my mobile.

  6. anuradha

    It is better u can get the master code from service provider. my mobile got locked & i unlock it from http://www.unlocking4u.com/

  7. lokeshmano


    THanks for this article. I am also search the master code for my nokia 3120 mobile & I found the code in http://www.unlock-free.com/ for free

  8. hi
    how can i will be getting master unlock code in online, that i will be used in without software, used in manual system.

  9. Hey, my nokia 3120 is on the list of DCT-4 phones. I generated a master-Code by using my IME number – entered the mastercode when the handset requested Security Code – and Whalaaa – it DID NOT WORK….:-(
    Whats up with that? please advise..

  10. Hey, my nokia 3120 is on the list of DCT-4 phones. I generated a master-Code by using my IME number – entered the mastercode when the handset requested Security Code – and Whalaaa – it DID NOT WORK….:-(
    Whats up with that? please advise..Thank you

  11. my cellphon is nokia n81
    i forget security cod and key pad is lock !
    please help me for this problem

  12. freddist

    Free unlock nokia via imei – http://www.gsm-problem.net

  13. my nokia 5130 express music…it lock code i dont no how to open..
    until now i cannot open this handphone..plisss help mee

  14. I updated my 5800 firmware from 2v to 5v. Before update security code is “77559″ after it is not working . Also “12345″ not working.
    Help Me how can I reset my security coede……

  15. Mohamed

    Hi, im mohamed. Im just forget my security pin. Plz help me my phone model is nokia 2626

  16. jst put ur phone on table and use a hammer to distroy it… ha ha ha ha ha

  17. Suzayet

    my set is nokia 5130c-2 express music
    IMEI: 359371039121050
    i forgot my security code ..
    it is made in india
    can u help me to get securit code…

  18. I will preset the security code ,so please help me.my mobile model is 3120c.

  19. this is the master code for your mobile

    you can generate your pass code by using this website


  20. Böser Türcke

    I hit an idoit like a bitch an stole his mobile. Nokia Express Music 5800… I try the Hard Reset (Green Button, Red Button, Camera Button, Swich on) and the standart Code 12345 but it dosnt work. Whats now ?

  21. freddist

    Free on-line unlock code for nokia – http://gsm-problem.net/onlinemenu.htm

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  23. Chetan Sachar

    Hi… i have Nokia 5310 music xpress, but unfortunately i forget my security code so please help me out how could i open that because if i remove the battery and then again switch on the cell so it will still on the key pad lock mode… moral i can’t access any key

  24. Greeting Reader
    I have nokia 6120c I just forgot a security code.

    I need your help
    contact me

  25. Go to website below and generate a unlock code.



  27. m using nokia 7230 n hv forgotten its security code its not getting open even neither able to get the imei …wat do i do plz hlp

  28. plz reply at puni_jani@yahoo.com

  29. Knpa aku coba buka master kode tetp g bs kebuka hpku ,tlg di bntu nie nmr imeinya 356255016158453 hpku nokia 6120clasicc

  30. Bbkain ya nmr imei hoku

  31. my phone nokia 5130 xpressmusic.
    lost my password.does not work 12345.
    please help me

  32. i love XT i rustam this one hire
    pleaseyou open my aqonk long
    years????????my name is RUSTAM

  33. Napoleon

    Pls i would want all the nokia phone lock master codes to be sent into my email address.

  34. Free online calculate mastercode for some nokia – http://gsm-problem.net/onlinemenu.htm

  35. I have a Nokia 6120 and I’ve changed my keypad security lock and forgotten it!!!
    Please Help me!!!!! :(

    My iemi number is 352719/04/061488/4



      i 4gt my security cocode for nokia 5130 express music plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz help my emei no is 35622045763256 you can respond by email

  36. braveheart

    plz suggest me the best way to get my Nokia 2626 security code.. i completely forget the code so plz plz plz help me..

  37. Free unlock nokia via imei – http://www.gsm-problem.net

  38. i have nokia 0432 .but my cell phone is locked.how can i open my cell phone

  39. The Code unlocker unfortunately only works on the S40 and S60 Nokia handsets and not on later models. Kindly get your handset to your nearest Nokia dealer for assistance with the unlocking. This advice is also to all future requests for unlocking handsets.

  40. I found the master code by using IMEI, but the master code also doesn’t work in my nokia 7210..so nw i am unable to restore my phone…. and also I hav less battery backup… ie only a few hours…

  41. nokia 2690 suqarti code unloke plese code no

  42. my phone nokia 5130 xpressmusic.
    i forget my security code please help my to unlock my phone IMEI no- 356227049654147

  43. i forgot my security code..my hp is nokia n81..plzz help me


    4gt my security code 4 nokia 5130 c my emai is356227045763256

  45. I lost my security code my phone IMEI is 356919035836114 please help

    • The master code calculator only works on the Nokia S40 Handsets.
      All latest Nokia handsets needs to be taken to your nearest Nokia dealer for code unlocking.
      Sorry but that is the only advice I have.

    • If the Master code that Rachid gave does not work (and I am sure it won’t work) take your handset to your nearest Nokia dealer.

  46. 3167765164this is the master code for your mobile

  47. plese i need some help i forgot my security code for my phone and i need to use my phone and i dont know how to unlock it

    • pradeep

      i got my pass word for 5800 xm please tell me master code imei no.357988038305012

  48. plese i need some help i forgot my security code for my phone and i need to use my phone and i dont know how to unlock it nokia 6500s-i

  49. my nokia phone 5233 ,i dont remember its code,plz help me,its not unlocking even thru d master code…how can i open it

  50. Whatever

    Plz help me with my Nokia c7 I do no if this is the right site I got my master code and intered it as security code but the f”’ing hand phone said wrong help mob model c7

  51. my nokia 6300
    i forget security code this mobile plz help soon

  52. my nokia 6300
    i forget security code this mobile plz help soon

  53. ajeet.raj

    I forget securtiy code my phone c7-00

  54. my nokia N81
    i forget security code this mobile plz help soon

  55. hey!
    my NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC 5130 C-2…DCT-3 phone i ve forgotten my security code and i am not able to clear msg counters n now it says memory full exactly after 6 msgs…it .is not accepting the universal code 12345 at all nor master code… plzzz help me what shud i do :’(
    m not able to send o recieve msgs…
    i don’t knw my PIN CODE TOO…PLZ HELP ME :(

  56. i cant use my nokia 5130 express music security code after update the phone firmware from nokia software updater..the security code before update is 12345 and after update icant use it again..plizz help me my emei is 355232036102424

  57. Pls elp me ooooo ,d imei no na:353950002144513,model:N5130.

  58. my nokia express music 5130 for sequrity keypade number loss so plz help me

  59. how can i register yahoomail on my nokia phone

  60. First Try the default Code, its 1122

  61. plz. hlp me i forget my password my mobile modal 5130 12345 des’t work 0000 also

  62. plz. hlp me i forget my password my mobile modal 5130 12345 des’t work 0000 also

  63. my nokia 3120 forget my password


  65. am used in nokia 1208 ,then i forget my phone lock code the phone imei number 359365031566064 and my master security code number is 0106476477 pls send me phone lock security code

  66. nicola penalba

    I’m using a Nokia c3, i know my security code but doesn’t want to unlock. this is my IMEI NUMBER 357902044070064. PLEASE REALLY NEED HELP RIGHT NOW.

  67. sandesh patil

    my set is nokia 5130 xpress music.
    i forgot my phone password.
    my mobile IMEI no.356919039945317

  68. i the boy who life in labrary i realyz that most of that code are creating with software

  69. it is not open