Unblock Orkut and Other blocked sites with small tricks

Updated : feb 15′ 2009.
This article is updated whenever i find a new trick or new site which is trying to help surfers unblock the web world.

Most of us might be knowing that UAE ISP Etisalat, has blocked the highly popular social community Orkut. Well, I got many mails from people asking me help for unblocking orkut. Well here are some of the techniques which may be helpful :

  1. Use the mobile browser skyfire to unblock websites. Check out this post for more details.
  2. Finally with high demand, I have uploaded the files to rapidshare server. Download pagemod and ultrasurf from rapidshare. So unblock the blocked world. Cheers.
  3. You can use fring to unblock orkut and facebook and browse it on mobile. Read this article for more details.
  4. With file size less than 200kb Ultrasurf to the rescue. Great option to browse sites at office. Bypass the Etisalat ban on any site. Works excellent even when you are accessing it in office. Download link will not work at UAE becoz Etisalat has blocked the site. You have to download it using some proxy site(updated proxy websites link). 100% working method. So guys just ask your friend to sent it to you thru email attachment if the original site is blocked for downloading ultrasurf
  5. Ajay – a frequent commenter at this blog writes about the latest pagemod proxy websites. Have a look here.
  6. Download the pagemod standalone zip file. Since the site is blocked you can download it here. You need to open the html file included in mozilla firefox browser, then only it will work fine. If you are visiting this site on internet explorer you can download firefox from the link at the top else you can download it from the link at second point.
    There will be a box in the html file, where you can type the website address and hence unblock any website. Enjoy unblocking.
  7. You can browse website without having to visit a proxy site. You can find many proxy sites at point 9 in this post. You can download firefox by referral link at the top of this page (you will be able to see the link only in Internet Explorer) and download a add search to toolbar extension from here. This will add the proxy websites search box on your browser and hence you need not visit the proxy website. You can read about it more here at my post.
  8. Go to this webblog post by ashwin , which will guide you through VPN connection to get to the blocked website. Its very easy and wont take much of your time.
  9. Powerscrap.com – best alternative if not blocked.
  10. Till now you must have been aware of pagemod.com , pmoder.info , smex.in . These are the best proxies to browse orkut. Now they have come up with very innovative solution if any proxy is blocked at your place. Just add pagemod(underscore)helpdesk@yahoo.com in yahoo messenger and pagemod(at)gmail(dot)com at google talk messenger , and you can have live chat with the support, which will help you in unblocking proxies. You can also mail at report(at)pagemod(dot)com about any blockage. (please note that the words in brackets denote symbols. (underscore) means “_” and (at) means @ and (dot) means “.” ). Happy unblocking with pagemod.
  11. Opera mini simulator can help. Just visit this link of opera mini simulaor and get access of any blocked website.
  12. Go to download.com or softpedia.com and you can search for softwares by keywords “anonymous browsers”. You will get many softwares and toolbars (annonymous surfing, annonymous friend at Softpedia) which will have the capability to route your data through other country server like China, Indonesia etc etc. Click here for results from download.com . You may find some software like ghost surfing which will be able to help you.
  13. Specially for UAE – We all know now there are two service providers. DU and Etisalat. Orkut is blocked by Etisalat … But what about DU ?? Yeah , orkut and so many other sites are not blocked by DU , hence if you a have a DU connection and a 3g or GPRS enabled mobile phone, you can connect to orkut through your mobile phone , or by connecting your DU mobile phone to your computer, by using it as a modem. How to connect Du mobile to computer ?? Just check it here at this article. I tried with DU and was able to open orkut etc. Connecting DU to computer could be a little bit costly on your pocket as mobile internet is charged by kbs downloaded and uploaded. 1fil/kb could be a bit costly.
  14. You can try changing the normal proxy on your browser provided by the ISP. Before changing the proxy you should write or save the original proxy because if nothing worked then you may have to change it back to the orginal one. Be aware that these proxy doest not works with dial up connection in IE, hence if you are using IE , you should to be sure that you are having a broadband connection. Click here for the list of proxy’s you can try using. Just go to Internet options in tools menu –>> Connections–>> Lan Settings —>> Check the Use proxy checkbox —>> ( save any existing proxy ) —>> refer the list and enter the IP address in first box and the two or four digit port number (sepearted by : in the list ) in the box labeled port. This will divert your internet through the mentioned country proxy and hence may help you connect to the blocked site.
  15. If you are having a mobile phone which has unlimited gprs data connection or very cheap rate for data connection and the sites are not blocked by ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) but by your office or school , the you can use your mobile to connect it to the Internet and browse the websites using GPRS. Check out the article about how to connect mobile to browse internet on your computer.
  16. If at all you are running out of proxy sites , just subscribe to proxyannouncer.com , and it will send you 5 new proxy sites everyday on your email box. If this site is blocked, just use the other proxy sites provided in the top list to go to this website and browse. Also Proxy today.com will be able to provide you with list of latest proxies. You just need to subscribe to that :)
  17. Also you find great tips at this article at rediff.com . They also explores various possible ways used by surfers to unblock various websites. :)

These are the only possible ways to unblock any website as far as I know. If you are unable to browse the website through these then I doubt any other option is left for you ( there might be some other option which I am unaware of :( ). Do tell me with your comments whether you are able to succeed or not !!! Happy Unblocking :D . Moreover if you know any other way to unblock site !! Please do share it in Comments .

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90 comments on “Unblock Orkut and Other blocked sites with small tricks

  1. well i have been using Torpark which was one of the best solutions …but since last 2 months etisalat guess figured a way to block dat as well. well the idea of getting DU is good but DU is only available in limited areas of Dubai. And im sure once DU is available widely they will also soon block just like Etisalat.

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    As for me, that VPN trick works out well and I started to use VOIP as well! D:

  3. @ashwin , Yeah VPN hotspot shield worked pretty well for me too, but as far as i feel , it works over a wireless connection, hence you need to have a wireless modem. My friends who had wired connection were not able to access, as they got the static message “waiting for connection”

    @rahul , DU network is available in whole UAE, but broadband is not available. Hence if you have a mobile phone , you can connect it to your computer and browse.

  4. ^^
    No exactly, I’m using this over our office Network connection and works without any issues.

  5. @ashwin ohh !! Really !! But when I tried to connect on wired network on two of my friends home .. it stayed on the page stating that “waiting for connection” . But when tried over the wireless connection , it connected pretty fast without any delay. Y such weird things happen with me :-(

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  7. Yes, that’s what I thought in the beginning; it’s only for WiFi and US people, then one of my readers (in UAE) pointed out that this works fine in her PC, then I tried it out and worked over our office LAN. :D

  8. @ashwin, Me still having some problems over office lan connection :-( . over Wifi works perfect. :-) .. happy unblocking.

  9. Checked again !! Works Perfectly over wired !! cheers :-D

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  14. Casanova

    Kanak Thanks dude!!!

    i didnt try yet other option the address in proxy list works fine for me :D hope it will work forever coz i realy miss orkut frnds :(

    I know thanks is very small word for ur work but this wat i can give u from bottom of my heart!!!!

  15. @casanova .. Really sorry to say that once etisalat discover this , it will be blocked like other sites .. but we will have other solution by that time .. So enjoy :)
    Thanks for stopping by

    • hi
      how cAN i open orkut..in uae.have u any software

  16. Casanova

    “Really sorry to say that once etisalat discover this , it will be blocked like other sites :(

    i think they heard u :P its block again :( i hope u will find out something new waiting for another solution….thanks in advance

  17. @casanova , solution is already there. you just need to re-check ;) .. enjoy :twisted:

  18. Casanova

    u r faster than etisalat :P
    i think if u post the solution here they might see ? dunno abt it but i just feel like they might be checking this wat if this site also blocked :( anyway i think u have our email if u can send there also it will be good watever u think is good n easy for u….
    Thanks u r realy helpfull thanks a looooooooooot

  19. @casanova .. hmm well etisalat is not blocking sites through this , they block websites when they notice some good traffic moving into it without source. Coz these are proxy sites, quite possible they have some software to analyze the site based on the reqest generated by the website.
    This is just an assumption , not sure. Enjoy till it works , solution will alwayz be there. :grin:

  20. Casanova


    Thanks :grin:
    do u stay in Dubai?
    btw thanks a lot for help u r same like my only frnd who is also Bhandari who is also helping nature n intellgent but he is from Nepal settled in India.
    I wish i can help u in anyway
    u rock dude!!!

    • can you tell me how can i acceed to blocked websites

  21. @casanova ,thanks a lot for your appreciation … I am glad that the situation is working fine for some time…and I was able to help.
    Yeah i am at Dubai … been here for around one and half years ….
    thanks for the mention about help. I will contact you , if i get stuck somewhere :) . have a nice day

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  23. Casanova

    :( :(

    Kanak dude help plz :P again its :( nothing is working from that list :(

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  25. hey guys.. was searching for some sites that unblock orkut and stumbled onto this website.. its amazing how many links you provide, and i tried each and every one of them, and it doesn’t work.. i guess the person who is handling websense is bowsing the net for the latest proxy sites as well.. really wish i could access it.. help me!

  26. Hi ppl,

    This is really cool… I mean so many proxies.. but all blocked.. But its a very good work i see on this blog.. keep up the good work.. :lol:

  27. hello i have this article that will give you enough knowledge on proxy and proxy sites that can give you access to some block sites.


    i also found this new website proxy network

  28. pls help unblocking orkut….wats the latest way etisalat has blocked mostly all sites mentioned here :eek:

  29. dear kindly provide the alternate for Orkut all proxy sitessites r blocked

  30. Vineet Jain

    The Best Way To Unblock Sites Is this-

    1.visit http://www.mininova.org
    2.type ghost surf in the search box
    3.now open a new window,tab in internet explorer.
    4.download utorrent by visiting http://www.utorrent.com
    5.run the setup and install it.
    6.now go to the main window of mininova and install ghost surf.(note-click run)
    7.now the file will be downloading with utorrent
    8.after download read the readme file included .unlock key will be included.
    9.after starting ghost surf click on privacy control center.
    10. move the slider to invisible.
    11.now click on advanced.you will get the advanced view.
    12.uncheck “block personal information(cookies)”

    IF U HAVE ANY QUESTION EMAIL TO vineet@clubhrithik.com

  31. Any other sites? The administrators in my school won’t let me “ghost surf”. I found a proxy called, “gevolution.net” It’s slow and doesn’t show games. Does it depend on what kind of system you use? Anyone who knows please tell me. Thank you!

  32. Guys, try to download ultrasurf :)

  33. thanks ajay for rapid share link …

  34. Good news. Thanks for clause. I shall go to search for the information on the given theme further

  35. Very good It’s Great !!


    hi thax for sharing ur knowledge, i know 1 proxy software
    still this working in uae,
    but this site also block if anybody want that soft pls e-mail me gaanam121@yahoo.com

  37. Hi Kanak,

    is ultrasurf still working for u… ??? it was working fr me fine until today morning…but now its not working when I start, it jus says connecting to network but not connecting to it…..so wat can i do….actually our network guys have installed a antivirus called, trend micro office scan…is that bcos of this ultrasurf is not working…if so how to overcome this…????.

    pls suggest urgently… I tried all the recommendations above nothing works…..

  38. @ksk
    yeah its still working for me .. My office also they have installed Trend .. but Ultrasurf works … No problem .. Quite possible they might have blocked the port .. not sure though

  39. Got a really fast and high bandwith VPN from blacklogic.com for $100 per year. Can get you the same. emuriuki@gmail.com

  40. how to open the site orkut in mozilla firefox it has been blocked and when i try to open it suddenly the window get closed..plz tell me how to open in WINDOWS 98.

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  42. Hi,

    I got again prblm with this ultrasurf….as soon I try to open the exe file i get deleted…i think my network guys did something to it, so that when anyone open that exe file it immediately gets deleted….

    anyone got any solution


  43. hey plz can u tell me how can i open the site tagged.com

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  45. I’m using IP Privacy http://www.privacy-pro.com to unblock specific websites. I think using a software is the easiest solution.

  46. Nouman Khan

    Nice Post Dude. And in my knowledge there are alot of ways to unblock the restricted website at lan server. There are alot of online proxy servers and online tools. Such as safehazard.com and ultrasurf.
    There’s a nice article, http://hubpages.com/hub/unblock-websites-proxy-servers guiding about unblocking websites.

  47. mayank kochhar


    i am a new user here.

    i just want to know how can i hack my orkut id as i have lost my password.
    please help!!!!!!
    in great need!!!
    please help!!!!

  48. sherlie

    my photos have been blocked how can i get my photos back…please help me


  50. hi ,all xxx sex sites are blocked by etisalat , how can i unblock that sites in our office lan connection

  51. Hi, All i have a home based company data entry and form filling i have 45 workers and 24×7 ups backup and three internet connections. so if any have data entry project then please contact me my ym! id infotech_san@yahoo.com and gtalk santosh150187@gmail.com.
    Thanks San Inoftech

  52. Hi, any one help me i want to yahoo passwork hack i am forgeting my yahoo passwork so any one help me.

  53. hi i read your solutions on how 2 unblock the blocked sites but i cannot get through , can u pls send it step by step on my mail id

  54. i cant get access to the orkut and facebook sites due to the blocking by the saudi government and some of the other useful links are also not available.

  55. All these methods doesn’t work any more 4 only solution watch this…


  56. please helpme..i am new in..dubai..cant open orkut..please help me..how to unblock orkut..please mail me..at..luckyinjaipur@gmail.com

  57. can you please tell me how to set up a vpn connection on iphone 3gs i want to access orkut and make voip calls to india. please help me regarding this. thanks

  58. All of the modern firewalls filters like Websense can detect a proxy as soon as you connect to it. It’s actually incredibly trivial to do. The filtering software just tries to connect to the address in question. If it gets a response it’s a proxy and it’s then blocked. The only question is whether the system is set to auto block or if it emails or texts the admin and lets him do it manually, which can buy a few hours.

  59. Use this Website to unlock Bebo , MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, YouTube , Twitter, Hi5 and other gaming and social networking site from work and school.


    No need to install and software .

    Its fast and simple.


  60. Hi,

    I recently subscribe to Etisalat mobile internet using USB modem. Whenever I got connected to the internet, my Hotspot Shield Software couldn’t be activated. Please help is there anyway to unblock the site such as orkut when using USB modem?Cheers

  61. please help me to open orkut

  62. please help me to open orkut

  63. thank you,good topik

  64. please help me to open orkut

  65. im in saudi arebia hw can open orkut and banned site plz advise me plzzzzzzz

  66. if you want to open all blocked websites in uae include orkut visit http://www.unblock-mynet.com and enjoy free service
    email to admin and get free vpn account

  67. Twitter


    You may also use web proxies like :

  68. Very Nice and amazing tricks thank you very much for writing this great article.

  69. You may also use this proxy site :http://www.blockbrowse.com

  70. Use this free proxy website http://www.MaverickEyes.com

    Enjoy :)

  71. nadeem kureshi


  72. Dear,

    Please help me i want to open skype from my mobile.its blocked here in uae.

    plase i want to use skype from mobile…..help me

  73. wow thats mint

  74. I worked in Dubai for 6 months last year, always used a OpenVPN service when online. It unblocked all sites and worked considerably faster than a proxy.

  75. i need some video

  76. i am afghanistan this site block in my net what i do for this

  77. I have a simple guide to unblock all internet access. No software or proxy required. have a look. . copy-paste this in ur broswer.

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  80. http://asians247.filipinachat.net/

    This site was blocked by Etilsalat on 01 Mar 2012… Help me get back to it.

  81. plz open this site

  82. DinaOmar

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  83. DinaOmar

    Hi everyone
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