top 5 most beautiful mobile phones

I have read the article at fosfor about most beautiful mobiles. But I personally dont agree because half of the mobile phones I havn’t seen. I will try to list the top 5 most beautiful mobile phones which i have come across till now :-

1. Nokia 8800 King Arthur Edition ( Limited )

king arthur limited nokia 8800 mobile

king arthur limited nokia 8800 mobile

I just love the design of this one. But to spend $2000 for this device , I just cant afford it. :-( .. A pure luxury and most beautifully designed ever.

2. LG Choclate Phone

lg chocolate mobile phone

When this mobile went on sale .. it broke records. Its amazing glossy look , made it the most selling mobile phone.

3. Nokia N76

Amazing beautifully done computer by nokia. You might have read the top 10 rated design for nokia n76.
nokia n76 most beautiful mobile phone

4. Samsung E900

samsung e900 most beautiful mobile phone
Samsung mobile phone E900 with a slim slider and glossy look still there in the list. may be with the picture you wont feel the look that much, but you need to see it in reality ..and you will be impressed as I was. :-D

5. Sony Ericsson W880i

First slim one from Sony , with a very very different mobile phone with slim and unique look makes it in the list.
sony w880i phone sleek and sexy
Read more about Se880i here

(note: This is what i feel are the top 5most beautiful mobiles according to me. Your choice might be different . Please post comments on what you feel are your top 5 most beautiful mobiles according to you)

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