Top 3 Mobile VOIP providers !! The Next generation of communication (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the top 3 mobile voip providers. Incase you missed the first one you can read it here.

I have been left really impressed with the mobile voip technology. This was something which used to be in my thoughts, as mobile is the gadget with a Microphone, Speaker and can also support Internet Connection. So why not extend VOIP to mobiles. And finally it is here.

This post i will mainly deal with the mobile voip providers which i have not used but heard of them.

1. iSkoot mobile voip

I am not sure how much popular this service is , but it seems it was the first alternate to skype to mobile phones. Skype itself is supporting it for Symbian mobile phones.I have used it once and this is what i feel about its working:

It connects to local server(if at all its existing in your country, else you will be charged of international call) via normal voice call from mobile , which inturns connect you to the skype server and will establish voip calls to skype contacts.

According to me it doesnt seem to be a good option as now so many softwares are available which you can read in part 1 , which offers voip over wifi or other data connection through mobiles. Here is the screen shot :-

Iskoot voip service

2. Mundu Speak mobile voip

This I can say , work like google talk. Two mobile can have mundu talk install and if you have any data package available you can talk using Mundu Speak.
mundu speak voip technology

3. Yeigo mobile voip

The only thing i can help you in this is the screen shot. This is also a mobile voip provider. But how it works , I have no clue as i never tried it. Please inform me if you know. :-)
yeigo mobile voip provider

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43 comments on “Top 3 Mobile VOIP providers !! The Next generation of communication (Part 2)

  1. tkboxer

    Good info on VOIP on mobile, thanks for sharing.

  2. Welcome tk.. I want this blog to be for knowledge sharing and knowledge gaining. Am happy it was able to help you.

  3. Hey man, listen I actually work for Yeigo… just came across your blog now. If you’re interested in doing a follow up, let me know?

    Basically is completely FREE application that makes voice calls over the internet connection on ur phones (as opposed to traditional voice networks). We also integrate your IM accounts (MSN, Google, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber) into your phone for free IM across the platforms, anywhere, anytime.

    check out the yeigo blog if you’re interested in the mobile headspace :)

    • Hi sir,

      I am using intervoip / smartvoip credit for internationall call through talkonaut mobile application by wifi.

      Is it possible to use freecall/intervoip credit to use this yeigo mobile voip application and make international cheap calls?

  4. @JT , Thanks a lot for the info. May be i will do a follow up about this in my blog review by this month end. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  5. Hey , what protocols does voip use at transport n network layers ? udp?sip ? … Is it necessary that a service provides is needed ? Isn’t it possible that a gprs connection n a client at both ends works ?

  6. Voip itself is a protocol. Voice over internet protocol. Am not sure about transport and network layers. But when talking about mobile voip, there are different ways in which it works. The voice clarity reduces a lot if you use a GPRS connection. Anyways its possible. Service provider or ISP is needed for voip. For more info you can refer
    this article at howstuffwork . Hope the info is useful

  7. Thanx yaar … Thanx a lot for replyin … I asked becz , i watch live tv on my cell using airtel ‘live tv’ software which is fully free .. So wuz just thinking , if its possible to stream ,live video along with audio , y not only audio at awesome quality .. ? i ve 3 diff access points in my cell of airtel .. Live tv works only on ‘airtel live’ access point .. So it made me think bout transport layer protocols ..(which i think is UDP for datagram transfer) usually tcp is used .. But since it doesn’t work on other access points , it must be UDP .. n also if u try accessin net on airtel live access point , its too costly .. Anyways wud love u more comments

  8. Well, I stay at Dubai and here also ISP provides mobile tv which is only for 3g handsets coz the amount of data transfer is pretty high. India is not into 3g as of now which prevents you from making video calls, where one person can view other while talking. I have used it on my N93. Moreover once you have phone which supports wireless lan, you can connect to you google talk friends using your mobile phone itself coz voip requires high data connection which can only be fulfilled by either 3g or wireless lan. Hope the info is useful :)

  9. Hmmm ,Well thnx for the reply .. S i do agree that we are still in 2g .. but the thing , making me to think is- how is it possible that the isp is streaming live tv , i can watch cricket matches which are fully real time applications ? I too am using a 3g set (n73), … Actually i’m a student n i wuz thinkin of designing a client for voip, as the network (even if its 2g) is streaming live tv (which obviously needs huge data transfer). So wuz thinkin , if i could do it , it wud be an awesome application ..anyways thanx a lot for the comments .. And yaar , do u know any of the tools(i mean java n such) used for creating softwares for mobile phones ? For mobile networking ?

  10. Hey manish we are in 2.75g. Thats Edge. GSM 2g , GPRS 2.5g and Edge 2.75g. Thats y the speed and streaming is good. Just for your info, Check what 4g network can do for you :) . I am sorry , I wont be able to help you regarding the software to create as my knowledge is pretty poor. What all i know is J2me is used for coding in mobile. You can base your search on this as you can find some tool which can help you creating applets. Moreover you can download some mobile simulator where you can check how it exactly work on mobile phone.

  11. @manish , may be you can get the info from one commentor of this blog. visit

  12. Yaar , thnx a lot for the info n for the links u provided … Thnx again …:-) :-) do u ve any idea bout the term spam in computer world ? As used in this site ….

  13. well spam i would say the rubbish comment, like lots and lots of links , then some meaningless comments etc etc .. the list goes on … mostly done by spam bots.

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