Tecfre.com gets a facelift

Its been almost a year of silence at tecfre.com.The deafening silence finally woke me up and I am here back to blogging again. But I am not alone, I bring with me a fresh new design coded and designed by Arpit Jacob of Zetalight.

Tecfre.com has undergone numerous redesigns, the latest being an year back. However, no matter how well I conceptualize the design in my mind, I was never able to give it a reality. So this time I decided to let the experts do the design while I sit back and completely energize myself to take tecfre.com to new heights. Arpit has really gone a great job with the design.

Tecfre.com Redesigned

With so many upcoming events this month, there couldn’t been a better time to be back. The biggest of them are the new iPhone launch on Oct 4th and  Nokia World by the end of the month.

So lets get going :-) ..

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