Standford’s Nanowire technology increase lithium-ion battery life 10 times

lithium ion battery

Imagine your electrical equipment powered by Lithium ion battery refuse to die out of charge. Imagine your 2 hour battery backup of your laptop increases to 20 hours. 6 days of standby time of cell phones increases to 60 days i.e 2 months ( charging a mobile just 6 times a year !!! woooaaahhh ) :-O …

Now !! stop imagining because its going to happen very soon. Guys from Stanford University have found a way to use silicon nanowires to produces 10 times the amount of electricity of existing lithium-ion, known as Li-ion, batteries that power laptops, iPods, video cameras, cell phones, and countless other devices. A laptop that now runs on battery for two hours could operate for 20 hours.

Technically speaking ….

Quoting …..

A standard Li-ion battery has an electrical storage capacity limited by the amount of lithium that can be retained in the battery’s anode, usually made of carbon. When made of silicon, the anode can retain much more lithium, but silicon’s disadvantage is that it pulverizes during charging cycles, lowering the battery’s performance and life-cycle.

The Stanford research team found a way to avoid this problem, by leveraging on nanotechnology. To store lithium, they use silicon nanowires, each with a diameter one-thousandth the thickness of a paper sheet. When soaking up lithium, the nanowires grow four times their size and then come back to normality, but due to their extremely small wired shape, they don’t fracture in time. Hence silicon is better than carbon after all, it only has to be used as nanowires.

Its going to be available pretty soon

Seems like Standford has filed a patent for this technology, and if everything keeps going fine, we will see this battery getting launched in 2008 itself.

I believe if this battery gets launched, Nokia’s power hungry mobile phone will look like as if on diet. Expecting a 2 month standby time, I hope a mobile phone power user can expect the battery to last 1/6 of the stand by time i.e. 10 days .. Great !!! isnt it ??? :D

via : cellphonedigest , standford university

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15 comments on “Standford’s Nanowire technology increase lithium-ion battery life 10 times

  1. wow.. nice info .. it will be very useful technology we all need. More battery power = more effective use of devices. Great!

  2. Merry Christmas! This is a great technology. So, we can talk more!

  3. @roffi I agree with you. This will be just awesome to charge mobile once in 10days :D

    @earnblogger : merry christmas to you too :) .

  4. Nokia is always the best when it comes batteries

  5. hey as far as i know, Nokia’s lower end phones were really good at battery power, remember N3310 , 3315 , 1100 etc … but when comes to higher end like Nseries , ahh you got to charge them everyday

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  9. I am impressed by reading your article. Nokia is always the best when it comes batteries.