Speed Linking #3 this Friday : Link attack on fellow Bloggers

Here I present you some News and information related to this blog, and other fellow bloggers.

Whats up at tecfre.com

Ok, so let me start with my blog. Akismet is driving me crazy, it was sometime back when I contacted Akismet about my comment getting caught as spam. I got a reply from akismet support member name Mark after 3 days, asking me to comment on the blog http://podz.wordpress.com so that they can analyze whats the problem, I commented and there also my comment got caught as spam. Well again I didnt get any reply from them and hence I thought of trying my luck by commenting on the blog again. And woahhaa!! my comment appeared. It was a surprise and I thought everything is fine now.

But again after commenting on couple of blogs, my comment again stopped appearing. To double check I again went to Podz.wordress and commented there again.The comment didnt appear meaning again my id got caught by akismet. Well, it was late night so I decided to mail akismet again today, but before mailing I wanted to verify, and hence i went to Podz and commented, and this time comment Appeared. I wonder, is something wrong with my email id or with akismet. I wish I could know the criteria on which they mark id as spam.

Since my comment was getting caught as spam, I found it pretty difficult to comment on other blogs. So once all this akismet confusion is over, I will come out from my silent feed reader zone to an active commenter on blogs :) .

Anyways, if you are also facing the problem you can go to podz.wordress and comment on the post to verify your akismet status.

Secondly , I am on entrecard (You can see the widget on the sidebar). So you can drop your blog card and make me aware of your blog. Commeting on a blog might take a minute but dropping a card is just with a click of a button :) .

Whats happening at blogosphere

  1. Who might be unaware of the Ruff PC contest which took place at thethinkingblog. JohnChow was destined to be winner, as Johnchow effect is too hard to resist and it works (check out personal experience of Mayank ) . But this game ended like who is more evil :evil: . Seems like the runner up of this contest techtreak cheated. How , and what he did, you can check out at Johnchow’s Post. Being evil is ok, but again cheating on a contest make the blog lose its credibility and brand. What you have to say about this ?? Well it kinda reminded me of what was done by Ashwin Khanna.
  2. Ram informs about a tool to download music from last.fm , pandora and many more.
  3. Shankar give the tip on how to convert AMR format mobile recordings to MP3.
  4. Reviewsaurus has started a thank-you series for application he and his blogs cant live without. Check out the cool application, and you might find many productive applications for your blog.
  5. Planning to monetize your blog. After PPC advertising, you may want to try CPM adds also. Freakitude gives you a list of top performing CPM ad networks.
  6. As far as many reviews I read, ppl are not ready to change from XP to vista, due to lots of compatibility issues with software and work of ease. But still you might drool over the graphic effects available in windows Vista. Ashish, writes about a tool which can provide a flip 3d effect in Windows XP. The main reason I talk about it coz it hardly eats up your memory. Read more at ashish’s blog. :)

  7. Had a tough day , and need time to relax. Head over to Nirmal’s blog and check out Friday fun with advertisements.
  8. Last but not the least, how about winning an Iphone this week ?? Lara Saad is giving away gadget lovers dream :- An Apple Iphone. So head over to her blog and comment , subscribe and blog to get 5 entry tickets and stand a chance to win an Iphone. She writes about making money over facebook. Do you have an account ??? If yes , and if you are a proud owner of a blog, may be you should try monetizing facebook.
    iphone contest at lara

Hope you enjoy reading these posts. Have a great weekend :) .

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  1. well, good luck for your fight against that akismet’s algo of marking your comments as spam.

    and yeah thanks for the link(s) too :)

  2. Thanks for the mention. :D

  3. @mayank , yeah fighting. Seems like they unblocked me once again :)

    @ashfame , welcome ashish

  4. very gud list…guess your only way to comment now is to speedlink… :)

  5. Thanks for linking!

  6. interesting lists of links.. thanks for the info!

  7. @techbliss, yeah you are right, thats the only way to comment I think. :)

    @shankar :welcome

    @roffi , great to see you bro. :)

  8. Thanks for the mention