Send free sms worldwide ,free with textbe

Yeah yeah I know there is something called as , the most popular sms service. But gone are those days, as now unless you pay , you will get just one sms per day and that too limited to countries.
Here is the new website , so just register and log in to

free sms message
and start sending messages for free.

Website displays it in alpha stage..but worked pretty well for me…

While sending first message, it will send some information along with the message like your computer Ip address, your email address etc. The person can reply to the message and it will be delivered to the e-mail you registered .

::Happy texting guys ::

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15 comments on “Send free sms worldwide ,free with textbe

  1. That’s great! thanks for the tip Kanak. I also registered at and was able to send messages to my friends in Europe and Asia. I also noticed that messages arrive within seconds.
    There seem to be some networks missing, primarily in Western Europe, like France, but after asking their customer support I was told that the service is still in alpha (whatever that means) and that more networks are beeing added every week.
    Anyway – off to texting some more :-)

  2. I used to use
    But they have temporarily disabled sending sms to and from India for free. Going to try this in the meantime.

    Since you have been using it, did you notice any spam messages etc?

  3. Nope , no spam messages. It is working perfectly for me. Messages get delivered instantly. I tried many times in India, but now am not using it as it is limited to computers and at home i dont have internet.

  4. Nice one. I’ve heard of a service that allows you to make fun of your friends or colleagues by sending funny sms. Do you know that? If yes, please share it.

  5. Funny sms ?? never knew about this !! have anyone tried??

  6. The website is not accepting new registrations hence it cannot be used now.

  7. which site is that funny sms available?

  8. @aron
    hmmm , it was accepting before. Didnt try it for a long time.
    No idea at all

  9. the was working with kenyans but last year starting like novermber it stoped working . the quetion is, is the site advancing or becoming poor or it will remain alpha forever coz i was begining to like it till i couldint send sms to any one in kenya!

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  11. nyc post..visit Here you can send free sms worldwide without registration ..

  12. This website is very good to.

    Free sms Worldwide without register.