S60 browser hacked : View “Made for Iphone” web interface on your S60 phone

Did you ever wondered that y its always Iphone ??? Y not something else. Yeah I am talking about marketing buzz which anyone is able to create by doing something for Iphone. Want to be in news over all the top blogs, then do something for Iphone. Well, these were the views expressed over a nokia blog.
Do you want your S60 browser to behave like an iphone??You might ask why or whats the need ?? With more and more sites creating an iphone optimized pages, (latest addition are google services) , you can enjoy a cleaner and new user friendly UI.

So here is the solution. Head over to this Nokia blog where the guy hacked S60 browser and now his s60 phone disguise itself as Iphone while browsing. Quoting from the blog,

Sometimes I envy iPhone owners. It doesn’t help that my phone – unlike iPhone – has an open platform, tons of 3rd party applications, embedded GPS, good camera, 3,5G connections etc. What my phone doesn’t have is the marketing buzz that pushes major web sites to make special optimized pages for iPhone users. I’m a big fan of Google’s solutions and when they launched a special service for iPhone, I made a quick software hack and changed the N95 browser to introduce itself as iPhone’s browser.

iphone s60 web interface

Download the installation file from nokia blog or directly from here.

Nokia is going to do it

I sometimes used to wish that I could shout to the mobile companies that being so long in mobile field, have you given up in front of iphone. Come on , and design something creative and more innovative than Iphone, and guess what Nokia is going to do it. Rush to the article at symbian freak which talks about the upcoming Nokia UI :) .
A quick excerpt

The good thing is that the Finnish giant promises that the upcoming S60 touch interface will offer much more than vibrations and click sounds. Nokia is working on a real button-like response enabled with the two small piezo sensor pads under the screen that provides a "0.1 mm movement in the screen itself with exactly the same sort of fingertip feedback as with a conventional keyboard.

I hope you are aware of iphone effect 1 and Iphone effect 2 .

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10 comments on “S60 browser hacked : View “Made for Iphone” web interface on your S60 phone

  1. Hahha… Cool! I’m installing it right away… :) BTW, is the browser only for S60 v3, or will it also work for S60 v1? Have you tried it?

  2. seems like its for s60v3. Nope I didnt try it, will be doing it soon :) , and hey congrats for winning. :)

  3. Yaar , i tried but its giving me certificate error . .. :-(

  4. @manish , yeah its an unsigned application. You need to disable security.

  5. I am worried about disabling security though this sounds cool…

  6. oops !! you can switch off the option which says allow only signed application to install … once you install it .. you can again enable the option.

  7. Don mind…mmmmm I’m digging u a bit… That option is in applicati0n manager right??? I’ve set the “Software installation” option to all…still its giving problems….. :-(

  8. @manish, yeah the option is in software installation, well quite possible a version compatibility

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  10. S60 is currently amongst the most-used smartphone platforms in the world. It was created by Nokia, who made the platform open source and contributed it to the Symbian Foundation.