Picture : Disadvantage of wireless Hotspot ???

I got this picture in my email. Just thought of sharing. Just wondering is it the effect of free internet through WiFi in India ?? :-D

wifi in India

The traffic police guy seems pretty interested gazing at the guys screen. Can you think of something else about this picture ?? DO share :-D

::a picture is worth thousand words ::

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10 comments on “Picture : Disadvantage of wireless Hotspot ???

  1. haha.. i wonder which actress photo they were checking out.. or were they seeting something else :D

  2. @venu : something else :D ( I feel)

  3. They were watching MTV from youtube with sexy lady .

  4. Technology changed,
    A software Engineer paying fine by transferring amount to police officer account on footpath for catching of a Bike with out helmet
    {net transfer}