One website to deliver your message after death

Well !! when i read this news, I was totally amazed with the kind of Ideas or reason some people have to create a website. Just check out this website which can deliver your messages , mails , letters , personal documents etc to the concerned person after your death.

You can even specify how you would like to be dressed for your own funeral and arrange to have video messages and photos sent to loved ones after you have gone.

So how does it sound ??

The first question is that How will they come to know that the person has passed away or departed ?? They had an answer !!

When you pass away, your Recipients will unlock your account. Once a minimum number (set by you) of Recipients sign in and confirm your death, your account will be unlocked after a time delay (which can be set by you). The information and instructions you saved will be sent to your family and friends.

If you want to see demo of there service you can check it here. They have whole lots of service to offer after you are departed. Services are :

  • Directives
  • Emails
  • Estate
  • Final Wishes
  • Finance
  • Gifts
  • Insurance
  • Introduction
  • Letters
  • Messages
  • Passwords
  • Personal

The Web site utilizes encryption programs used by the U.S. military to ensure security for what is a personal electronic safe deposit box. After you pass away, designated family members can unlock the account with a secret key to retrieve all the information and messages.

Seems like 100 people have signed up since the Web site was launched in May paying the annual cost of $9.95.

What more I have to say , people have lots of creative Ideas . Sounded a bit weird to me in the beginning, but when you sit back and think about some secrets to be disclosed, or want certain stuffs to be delivered to someone after you are no more , you can rely on this website.

Gosh !! am thinking and talking something wierd ??? What do you think about such website ??Please do share, with your comments !!!

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6 comments on “One website to deliver your message after death

  1. he he he! What a cool concept!

  2. You have a great blog with a very nice design. As a co-founder of YouDeparted, I am very excited about our new service, and I was pleased to find your post about us.

    We definitely have heard a few people say it “Sounded a bit weird to me in the beginning,” but like you, most come to realize that it is a service “you can rely on.”


  3. @nicholaus , you are right …