Off Topic : Can alexa’s, google’s and technorati’s love turn you into an insane blogger ??

I just got stumped by this post at lorelle, which talks about a blogger called ashwin khanna of , who is convicted guilty of lying over the blogosphere.

What happened ??

A mere 1 month old blog held a contest for $2500 to be awarded to a randomly chosen blog , which will write about this contest giving his post a link back. This contest created a buzz all over the blogosphere with nearly 400+ blogs writing about it.

What was the final outcome ??

Well, two days before the contest was about to get over , it seems ashwin khanna created a blog over and on the result announcement day, declared the same blog as winner, finally pissing off the whole blogosphere.
The contest gave technorati authority of nearly 400 and rank under 10k ( initially he was having technorati authority of 6)

Mynewhustle has (along with text explanation) created a video which has got all the explanation. I hope that he wont mind if i post it here :) . Please switch on your speakers.

Now the quest over the blogosphere is to get ashwin khanna blacklisted and get him back from where he came . Same contest blogger has started a revenge contest of 100$ for the ppl who got Conned by the CONtest at

Lesson to be learnt from this

There is no shortcut for success. A blog is built on Content , relationship with the readers , patience and your commitment of never giving up . Its sometimes a long process which do take time and if, you are ready to take the challenge, you will surely come out as a winner.

Other than google , technorati and Alexa you should know that there is a blogging community and any breach in relation with this community, can get you blacklisted. So, never break the trust of the blogosphere.

Small update : The blog who stole mine and other bloggers content , got banned by google adsense (might be coz all the posts were stolen from some or the other blog). Thanks Ram of teknobites and Jonathan of for your support. :)
::Happy Blogging:: :cool:

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17 comments on “Off Topic : Can alexa’s, google’s and technorati’s love turn you into an insane blogger ??

  1. Hey dude, thanks for the awesome backlink!

  2. Thanks for the mention buddy :razz:

    That ashwin is an idiot, but i would appreciate his idea.

  3. awesome man. See I told you to that google will take action if you take the right steps. :D

  4. @contest blogger
    You are welcome :) . I really hate the bloggers who lie.

    Dont call him ashwin , call him ashwin khanna. It gives him some kind unique identity to him. His idea was good , but somehow he was a stupid who didnt execute it properly.

    @arpit , yeah google took the right step and at the right time :)

  5. ^^
    Yeah.. don’t call Ashwin. :mrgreen:

    I always believe in hard work. Anything worthwhile to create takes time and effort. There is no short cut to success.

  6. The first time I saw this website, I knew something was fishy here. I never heard about this blogger before and he was giving 2500$ just for a review. :twisted:
    This is really cheating. If he wanted to convince the winner atleast he could have created a good blog as pointed out by the video. I feel all those who have linked should delete those links. :mad:

  7. @ashwin :
    yeah , thats y i asked ram not to call him just ashwin :D . Hardwork is the key to all success.

    @nirmal :
    hey when did you see his website . I came to know about this reading at lorelle and felt really bad of cheating and hence was not able to prevent myself from posting here. I wonder how some people can think that everyone else is dumb. Crazy blogger :evil:

  8. Thanks for the post! I may use some of your ideas or post a backlink to your topic on my blog :

  9. @sdek , Please visit the copyright page. Be aware of the copyright rules else you will be at trouble.

  10. Don’t worry bro, i’ll not copy and paste :wink:

  11. well, I’ll say that the guy did a wonderful job only that he was foolish enough that he didn’t play the game right or you can say that didn’t finish the game smartly.

    Well, as mentioned in lorelle’s blog that trust is one thing which just in case a blogger breaks then it will be very bad for that blogger and ashwin will have to bear it.

    BOO Ashwin!

  12. @sdek , If you play nice , its totally fine with me :grin: ..cheerz

    @mayank, trust is everything , bad time has started for that guy. Hey , as I told before, dont call him ashwin ( you know it gives impression of ashwinr dot com ) ;) .. just call him ashwin khanna to give him a unique identity :)

  13. I was expecting same thing from Ashwin Khanna’s blog. Came to know about the contest around 15-16 aug. Did not participated, because everything was looking fishy there.

  14. @ashok , yeah you were among some bloggers who didnt believe him, but around 400 + bloggers fell for his CONtest. I think he is getting backfired nicely :roll:

  15. I wonder what was his PageRank after all this? Also what’s his RSS look like now? If he doesn’t have content it will fade away into the crap he came from.

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  17. Wow. Well this explains why my website is taking forever to take off. Some jackass offers a great sum of money and people believe him and then he f*** them over. What a douche bag,sorry to resurrect a thread….all in all though, kudos to him for using deceptive tactics to get a high ranking,…f*** douche bag.