Nokia 7500 spy pictures

Nokia 7500 looks somewhat similar to nokia 7900 which I posted some time back. I seriously can’t understand what’s going on with nokia. I dont know how true is the design of nokia 7500, but I just want to ask nokia to grow up. Just have a look at the picture.
nokia 7500

With day by day gadgets getting slimmer and beautiful, I just don’t find any reason nokia will construct such a ugly looking device. If you notice the keypad, it’s not for people with big hands; moreover I won’t consider it as a fashion mobiles coz of its size. Sometimes I get a feeling that its photoshopped design of Nokia’s Vertu mobiles.

nokia vertu mobile

What do you feel about this design ??.. Please feel free to comment.

images via ringnokia

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3 comments on “Nokia 7500 spy pictures

  1. Yes you are right about the key pad thing. It is uneasey to type with it.

  2. I bought a nokia vertu from

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