Nokia 5800i XpressMusic : Extra ‘i’ for No wi-fi

Nokia is committed on providing touchscreen phones for masses, and I feel they are even committed for non-innovating. We all know, Nokia’s actual success lie with the low cost durable mobile phone, and hence, being out of the touchscreen market for so long, Nokia is planning to cash on the same segment in touchscreen lineup.

Nokia 5800i Xpress Music recently passed the FCC and all the documents show pretty much the same handset, with similar specs and looks as the original 5800. If you follow the trend of Nokia phones, an ‘i’ is always added to make the mobile more internet friendly, but here things seems to be totally opposite. Nokia has decided to remove the WiFi from Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic and created 5800i.

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic touchScreen phone

Now my question is , how much cheap 5800i is gonna get with this “major” change?  We all thought that Nokia 5530 is the cheaper counterpart of 5800, but Nokia has some other strategy in mind. I think they are just concentrating on somehow populating the touchscreen line up.

Nokia representative had already said that Nokia N97 is the only touchscreen flagship model planned for 2009. I think Nokia need to know atleast now, that low cost phones could be a key to success but its not always the case with Touch Screen phones.

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2 comments on “Nokia 5800i XpressMusic : Extra ‘i’ for No wi-fi

  1. hi,u think that,It is the latest inclusion in the Nokia XpressMusic smartphones family and comes with Touch UI and can be tagged as a 5800 XpressMusic twin – the 5800i XpressMusic.

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