12 Things Nokia Didnt do right with 5800 XpressMusic Till now : Review Conclusion

Nokia 5800
Nokia 5800 is indeed an amazing phone with very high Value ratio considering the price. The most feature rich mobile phone with an incredibly low price. You can call this post, conclusion of the review of Nokia 5800 in conjunction with symbian-freak post on 5800. Allaboutsymbian has posted 10 things Nokia did right with 5800 , and here I try to explore things which are either missing, and the enormous room of improvement possible in this device.

So here are things which Nokia hasn’t done right with 5800 xpressmusic.

1. No Album Management for pictures or videos

Nokia 5800 gallery
I am still wondering why Nokia is not able to provide this till now? You take picture, and it just goes and sits in your gallery without getting sorted based on month-year etc. Normally as I have seen in other phones, the snaps or videos automatically get managed into folders based on month and year, which make the gallery look less cluttered and also makes it easy to find snaps.
There is an option to create folder in Gallery, but to view the name of the folder , you have to first select the folder.

2. Pictures and Videos are not Separate

Nokia has provided an option for Video Center which arrange the videos in different tags based on Downloaded, personal etc. However, the same option is not available for Pictures. Gallery comprises of Images and videos together, which again make it more cluttered. Nokia should give a serious thought about this of separating videos and images in Gallery view.

3. Texting Problems

This is again a firmware issue or a small software bug. Many times while I am in the middle of typing a message in Full Screen QWERTY mode, the keypad will disappear and appear again, couple of times, which do irritate a bit.

4. No Autokeypad switch option in Portrait mode

Nokia 5800 is amazing device with loads of texting option. However these options are not used upto the level of user satisfaction. It totally depend on your situation whether you want to use the Full QWERTY keyboard (which need your both hands for effective usage ), or the Alphanumeric keyboard ( which is very easy for single handed use ). This device remembers what keypad you used last and hence will open the same next time also, and you have to manually select another keypad option.
I think Nokia should provide option in the setting to choose which keypad to use in Landscape orientation and which one to use in Portrait mode.

5. Marking Multiple objects is a Pain

I really miss the small pencil key present is other S60 device which was very useful to mark multiple objects.
Things have changed here, now you have to go through this process,
Select the object >> go to Options >> Mark/Unmark >> Mark
Imagine doing this for 100s of pictures or messages. As Sumbian S60 5th Ed is using a Focus driven UI, I think it wont be big pain for Nokia to provide a MARK MULTIPLE option in the menu.

6. Physical buttons are just too hard to press

Nokia has Provided three physical buttons in this device. One for the MENU , one for exiting to HOMESCREEN or to reject or cut a call, and one for viewing the log of dialed, missed and received calls. These buttons are really hard to press and once you get used to touch, these button trouble you even more.

7. UI Orientation never got right

Accelerometer based UI orientation is good but still in a very buggy phase. Many times this phone get confused on whether to align itself portrait or landscape, and it blacks out couple of seconds to get the right orientation. Sometimes , the phone just switch to landscape and will quickly turn into Portrait Orientation.

8. No FM transmitter

Nokia N85 has it , and I think every music phone should now have this option. FM transmitter in phone allow you to broadcast your music at a particular FM frequency, and hence you can use it hear songs on your car stereo without use of any wires. I think Nokia should have given a thought in providing this .

9. Many Screen Navigation for a Small Task

Lets take an example for finding a song. Check out the screen shot below and see how this happen. ( click for full size image )
Music Navigation in Nokia 5800
The similar case is while typing a message.

10. Notification messages take too long to disappear

5800 notification
The way the notifications messages like “Code Accepted” , “Text Copied to Clipboard” etc etc , display for nearly 2 secs which really distract you. Moreover the whole screen goes blank while the notification message is displayed. I think “Success” notification should be displayed in a very non-intrusive way by a small tick.

11. Highly Unstable browser

The browser was really good till I upgraded to v20.0.0.12. The browser now crash a lot while browsing sites like youtube , dailymotion(full screen video doesnt work for sites other than Youtube) etc. Lack of Kinetic Scrolling also add to browser woes.

12. No Internet call options

No one is able to understand why Nokia failed to provide an Internet calling option. You can define SIP settings , but there is no way to use this option to make a VOIP calls. However, many are confident that Nokia will include this is firmware update as soon as possible. Place like UAE where normal ISD calls are so costly, cheap calling over VOIP is best option available to save some money.

13. Minutes skipping clock

Yeah Nokia 5800′s clock skip minutes. Just do a small exercise. Synchronize Nokia 5800 clock with some of your other mobile phone clock and check after couple of days. Nokia 5800, clock must be lagging by nearly 1 or 2 minutes. I wonder with the latest firmware release, Nokia has not yet fixed it. Huh !!!

I hope nokia look into these issues or shortcomings and hope not to repeat the same with the flagship model Nokia N97.

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36 comments on “12 Things Nokia Didnt do right with 5800 XpressMusic Till now : Review Conclusion

  1. Thing #13 Nokia Didnt do right with 5800 XpressMusic Till now.
    There is still no working VPN client like Symvpn from telexy.com
    Without this software VoIP phone calls could be a problem in many counties including UAE.

  2. I don’t suffer with a lot of these problems or don’t notice them as much as you do. When texting, the screen doesn’t have the problems that you are having. There’s really nothing wrong with the physical buttons that you have to press? Having the pictures and videos mixed up is not really that big of a problem. Just create a new folder and place your videos in there. Connecting your phone to the pc suite allows you to easily manage your files there anyway.

    I guess some of the points you have written about are missing and I notice the screen orientation thing is a bit buggy but hopefully something like this can be updated in the firmware.

    - Carl, NokiApp.com

    • Hi Carl,

      While playing radio application in my Nokia 5800 Music Express, i am not seeing option button in the down left side, What to do ??

      Please suggest.

  3. Hi carl,
    I do have problems while texting as mentioned , and physical buttons are too hard to press…Nokia could have easily done with buttons like in N95 8gig which are very easy to press…considering 5800 is a touch device.
    Gallery has option to create folders, but whats the use, as u can not see the name of the folder unless u select it….
    I do believe that these are firmware issues , but somehow I want them to be fixed …
    Thanks for visiting :-)

  4. No problem. Each to their own decisions on their device but you still have to agree that it’s a brilliant smartphone and one that will get better over time.

    Thanks for your comments also,
    Carl – NokiApp.com

  5. I love my 5800 it’s a GREAT smart phone. To be honest I don’t have most of the above mention issues with my phone. However I do miss the dedicated copy key (Pen Key). But this can be easily fixed by giving a ticked box next to each item or text massage. Since this is a touch screen phone this should be very easy to implement.

    It’s true that it would have been better if physical keys were bigger (Easy to press). But I personally like these keys as they looks cool and goes with the rest of the outfit.

    However I do have another problem though. When you have hundreds of items in the gallery or in your text massage inbox it’s very hard to scroll through and find the item you want. One option is ‘Searching’ but what if you can’t remember the file name (Eg :Something like DCS00583 or DCS00751).

    Another weaken area is Nokia should have given the send option on search. Eg: you can search a song but you can send it from there or you can’t open it in the folder.

    I’m sure all these can be easily fixed by a software upgrade. I hope Nokia will not let us down with their next software version.


  6. very very on point. whoevber wrote the review is a 5800 genius. Nokia messed up with the updated v20.0.0.12. since i updated to that, browser keeps crashing and i even lost all my text messages days after av upgraded. Too bad.

  7. olavjunior

    I agree on 12!

    I’m using Mac, so there’s no easy way of managing files into folders!

    Though on finding music easily, you could use the search program in internet; though there should really be a search button in the music menu

    And the keys suck if you’re using the pen a lot!

    The browser though, isn’t causing me any trouble.. I’ve installed Opera Mini as well.

    And must say, going from n95 to this, the camera is horrible indors!!

  8. olavjunior

    Edit: I just realized that you can’t use the submenu to go to the “music home” after using search and finding songs! This should really be implemented for both songs and pictures etc!

  9. olavjunior

    Edit 2: And for those of you hating the buttons (incl me), use the shortcut theme, and add a menu entry :)

  10. U missed 1 thing..if u notice the upper right corner of the phone…it has a bit of open space…and you can also see the light through it…i hope it wont get larger…
    and i hope the next firmware will add options for multiple marking of files coz its really a pain!!..

  11. painful5800

    i really need 5800 to block calls from unknown number.. or have a whitelist numbers/contacts that we can set (like sony ericsson features)

    even Sony Ericsson cheap phone have this feature…

    then express music control also lousy, when the phone in lock state.. we cant control the volume key at all.. we need to unlock the phone first (lousy)

    i’m also stronly agreed with point 7 bout eh UI accelerometer (works awkwardly) especially when we enable lock..tired to unlock the phone in lanscape mode… Nokia need to enable the accelerometer even in locked mode

  12. This is a question, hope someone can help.

    How can you use the alphaneumeric options during making a phone call on the 5800? I know the text meesaging has a alphaneumeric keyboard but you cannot use that during making a phone call.

    Let’s say I would like to dial 1-800-CALLUPS. So, how can I select the alphabets on the dialer?



  13. I am sorry to say , there is no way to do that as of now. This is one major shortcoming on Symbian touch phones. I think in this particular department , they should learn from HTC.

  14. Pingback: Nokia 5800 updated to v30.0.011 , No notable changes other than Homescreen email

  15. I do agree on most of the things said about this device, especially about the texting pronlems and the keyboard dissapearing, but nobody mentioned a problem with the screen, so I am not sure if it is only a problem with my nokia 5800. When I lock it or unlock it most of the times the screen will not appear, but instead I get lines of different colors in the screen not letting you see anything so I have to lock it and unlock it again and then the normal screen appears. Now it is happening more frequently and not always locking and unlocking it fixes it, now I have to sometimes turn it off and back on again and is very frustrating, Is there anyone having the same problem? or do anyone knows the reason for this to be happening?

    • I am actually experiencing that kind of prob. I tried to hard rset it but it does not work..

  16. While I agree with a lot of it I don’t think the physical buttons are too hard to press, but I know exactly what you mean with the touch buttons disappearing randomly (not so random I found out) I have sent many messages half way through texting but I have noticed why it is happening, its when my phone loses signal the keys disappear momentarily! I figured it out while walking around where I work (terrible signal) with the mini qwerty keyboard displaying and whenever I lose signal it goes away! Also on a different note, maybe you would find your music better if they were organised better :P

  17. Sam (also)

    the article is right from the beginning to the very end, everything reviewed is true, specially the number 7, I have a cousin who have the Iphone and every time someone want to see the difference between I always get the line “your phone is very lazy”. And I also had to hard reset the phone in one of the updates I made because the browser totally crashed and doesn’t even ask to what wireless do I want to get connect.
    Great critics… take note if you are planning to buy this cell.

  18. i love this phone this is best phone i ever used there is application for pencil key you can download here http://jbak.ru/thepencil_en.php now you have pencil key there is always way to get off, ask here abe@apunkaid.com

  19. hey……..all the given points true.
    i am the user of this phone, n i face same problem…
    specially rotation of the screen while landscape to portrait mode.

    2nd. you can’t send or receive picture messages.

    3rd. you can’t see the display light glows when sms comes.

    4th. in new firmware update, u can’t see the full qwerty keyboard in portrait mode also. no option on full qwerty keyboard. you have to use alphanumeric keyboard n after rotating it you can use full screnn qwerty key board.

    5th. keys are also hard, n got loose after too much use.

    6th. i faced hangging of the phone several times….

    but any how…..


  20. hey……..all the given points true.
    i am the user of this phone, n i face same problem…
    specially rotation of the screen while landscape to portrait mode.

    2nd. you can’t send or receive picture messages.

    3rd. you can’t see the display light glows when sms comes.

    4th. in new firmware update, u can’t see the full qwerty keyboard in portrait mode also. no option on full qwerty keyboard. you have to use alphanumeric keyboard n after rotating it you can use full screnn qwerty key board.

    5th. keys are also hard, n got loose after too much use.

    6th. i faced hangging of the phone several times….

    but any how…..


  21. dude.. just go get a life…
    flaws are in every cell phone..
    n for ur kind info… latest fw has fixed most of the probs you have mentioned above…
    nokia 5800 is awesome…

  22. #10 totally agree, this is driving me nuts! Anyone knows how to tweak this, much appreciated!

  23. gbismaamu

    Before listing the flaws in the phone, go check v50 firmware upgrade. Also compare it with the phones in the same market price. You can buy three 5800 at the cost of one iphone.

  24. I think you didnt read the first two lines of this post.

  25. arman04

    how to fix the number 3 problem?my 5800 is v.21 and i notice that prob. and I decided to upgrade my version but still have the texting prob. pls reply tnx for the help

  26. One excellent thing about Nokia is, by the time I bought my Nokia 5230 [August 2010], they’ve redressed some of the these problems :)

    Some issues of my own include:

    13- There should be a way to see just the photos in a particular folder without seeing them all together. [like say a folder for worldcup teams]

    14- There should be a faster way to jump to the homescreen without exiting the active program [like my old HTC WinMo phone, though I hated it ;) ] Now you have to keep repeat pressing the white key like a maniac.. I hate exiting active programs.

    15- Typing is an Epic Pain, and useless IMHO. Especially when browsing, To type in a username field, or address bar, You have to click inside the text box etc… to call up the keyboard and you go to another screen?! WTF! The key pad should just appear, so you can type wherever the cursor is. Try typing a Word Document.. I M P O S S I B L E!!

    Still a good phone though! Incredible bang for your buck! So long as you don’t type anything :)

  27. 16. The expressmusic pull down menu on the top right screen corner, is a flash of brilliance! But its sub options are absolutely useless, and need to be configurable!

    I’m irate that even now, Nokia has not implemented the multi – mark item feature..

    I do agree with @YJ. You get used to the 3 hard buttons after a while, and they look excellent with the overall layout of the phone! Nokia have and always will be Masters of Design!

  28. I agree with Sanuly that the dedicated music touch button should be configurable.
    Adding to the list:
    17. The email client and the IM client should be drastically improved. The beta labs is working on push clients and a store-n-forward servers, but the phone needs a standalone pop/imap client. Look at profilmail, a very simple app that just does what it should.
    The built in mail client, is not great, esp at design. the view is eaten up by the fwd/delete buttons.
    I suggest they can use this dedicated music button to be a context sensitive toolbar for any app!


  29. My problem is when my phone fell in water which the white key become always flashing ……… please solve my problem

  30. Marking files……
    well .. …. its a bit hard to always go to options and select mark .instead..

    “AFTER u mark the 1st file …. u just have to double tap .. the files..which u need to mark.. the marking option will appear !!! > :) :)

  31. preciosa b.emlano

    good day po…ask ko lng po un nokia 5800 ko ayaw gumana ng song nya s gallery at sa music player,,,featured not supported…pano ko po b cya maayos san application ko cya ioopen….eto po number ko…09179472844,,,salamat po…

  32. ram pam pam

    there is no problem with the searching thing ….. why not go search all my contents???daaaaaaaa. anyway the message thing is a problem and the updated version….. crashing browsers are really annoying

  33. my captured images do’nt appear in the gallery and i do’nt have usb cable for my phone. pls help