Need for storage : Sony’s Technology to boost hard disk storage capacity 5X

1 TB disk never got launched and I hope Sony wont do the same. How much the demand of storage space is increased, can be easily identified by just having glance on some of the high end mobile phones. Have a glance 5 years back where a mere 10MB memory on a mobile phone used to make many people say “Wow !! ” , but now 8+gb space also people find insufficient. Demand for memory or storage space has increased exponentially, but still the unavailability of a ultra portable nature + need for external power supply for high storage HDD ( > 500 GB ) prevented their usage in laptops and other devices.

Worry no more, Sony has revealed a new technology which will fit a 1TB disk in your laptop ( if at all the production start ). This new technology can increase the storage capacity of a hard disk upto 5 times.

hard disk

How they do it ??

The new development uses a hybrid of magnetic and optical technology to greatly increase the density: while the storage itself is similar, media is written to disk using a laser. The extremely small, precise nature allows it to fit far more bits of data on any given area. A full terabit (125GB) can fit on a single square inch — five times the space of conventional hard disks. Hence, as most elements of the traditional hard drive stay intact, current 320GB hard drive setup would see data storage reaching 1.6TB.

Any launch or production dates ??

Dont expect this technology to be incorporated into hardisks so early. Sony has not given any dates for the mass production. Ask me and I will say that I dont see this technology even going live as lots of time will be first wasted for filing a patent for the technology or the manufacture etc etc and by that time , someone else will come out with some other option.

And yeah, if at all gone live, dont expect it to be cheap. When 32gb card can cost equivalent to a high end mobile phone , what about this ??

via :gizmodo

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12 comments on “Need for storage : Sony’s Technology to boost hard disk storage capacity 5X

  1. When I first bought a computer it had only ~287 mb and in the year 2001, I bought a computer for 4gb and was thinking wow. Today, If I ask for 80gb, the dealer shows an ugly face and says 160 is standard and is only 200rs more. :) Just imagine the speed.

  2. @smackall
    yeah reminds me of my friend’s 4 gb harddisk which I think weigh nearly 4 kg :D … technology world is changing at such a high speed !!!

  3. striker

    haha. yeah ppl. this reminds me of my first computer. 5 gb with 32mb ram. i use an ipod which has 160 gb memory and is lighter than my mobile.
    great inventions..less space.

  4. @striker , you are so true. Time is not far when people will find 1TB disk also not enough for storage as it will be good enough to store just 30 to 40 HD movies :D

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