Mobile phones camera rejoice : Kodak introduces 1.4 micron, 5-megapixel CMOS sensor

Kodak is planning something which is gonna “revolutionize” image capture, and here is what the claim seems to be:

  • Bigger and better images from mobile phones
  • Improving low light photography,
  • Reducing blur
  • Capability of 720p video at 30 FPS
  • Extreme low light settings, like ISO 3200


Technology Behind !!

The company’s new KAC-05020 snaps its proprietary Color Filter Pattern technology together with a redesigned CMOS pixel for the “world’s first” 1.4 micron, 5-megapixel device. The new sensor shrinks the pixels down, but manages to maintain picture quality by harnessing the aforementioned CFP. That technique adds a fourth layer of “clear” pixels to the red, green, and blue ones which already exist, thus collecting a higher proportion of light striking the sensor, resulting in a brighter and clear image.

Kodak will be showing the new technology off at the Mobile World Congress this month, and hopefully, it will be available for mobile phones pretty soon.

I wonder how much its gonna revolutionize the picture capture, however I hope the video recording get enhanced in low light. Video recording is really pathetic when we talk about the VGA resolution recording, in absence of proper lightening. Also, it might add to the cost too, but if the picture quality is very much compared to a digital camera, and the mobile is fully loaded, I dont think people will mind spending for one device rather than two. Anyways, lets wait for the real outcome and the quality of the picture.

via : engadget

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5 comments on “Mobile phones camera rejoice : Kodak introduces 1.4 micron, 5-megapixel CMOS sensor

  1. that is right…i am waiting to hear more about this…

  2. @techbliss
    lot more to come :)

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