Mobile phone Security : Iris Recognition for Camera mobiles

Oki has claimed to develop a mobile application which can take mobile phone security to the next level. Iris recognition technology is now no longer limited to the hi-tech computer , but will be avaiable for camera mobile phones after the official availability is announced by the company.
iris technology

In order to run the Iris Recognition Technology, the mobile phone has to be equipped with a camera capable of at least 1 megapixel resolution, although a 2 megapixel one would make it more probable to see better results.

This application is currently available for symbian and Windows mobile platform, that means Iphone is still out of list . Seems like the technology is surprisingly accurate, and reports have said that only 1 in 100,000 resulted in error.

Oki Electronic has made no specifications on the date when this software will be available for everyone to use or the price tag it will come with.

Normal Iris Scanner uses Infra Red for eye scan, but this application will be able to distinguish based on camera image , that too minimum of 1 megapixel !!! The results of error of only 1 in 100,000 seems highly questionable, with modern camera’s utilizing some many parameters for taking photograph !!! Moreover, camera picture quality highly depends on the how bright is the object is .. so what about the night , will it accept picture taken in night mode in cameras ?? Comments welcome :)

via : symbian-freak

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4 comments on “Mobile phone Security : Iris Recognition for Camera mobiles

  1. Good Posting. Thansk for leaving comment.

    Am not sure if it work at night. But I feel its going to be very expensive. Because I have seen a eye recognition software for usability testing and its very expensive.

  2. @rajesh , expensive might be a bit but not too much !! because here the target audience is the mobile phone users who wont be ready to pay a hefty price when locking applications are available at much cheaper price , some free also … so lets wait and watch :D