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Google Zeitgeist was the available service by google to learn about the top 10 searches on google going around the world.

Zeitgeist : The meaning of this word never changes, but what it describes is subject to society’s whims. Zeitgeist is the popular outlook -intellectually, morally, and culturally – in a particular period or generation. Scholars maintain that each era has a unique spirit distinguishing it from other periods. The pervasive cultural climate is described as the Zeitgeist. It is most often reflected in the music, movies, literature, and philosophy of the time.

google zeitgiest

Google labs have been really busy trying to create a revolution in user experience while browsing the web. Now they have extended “Google Zeitgeist” with Google Hot trends to find out world’s interest in your favorite topic.
Hot Trends, a list of the current top-100 fastest-rising search trends, will be refreshed several times daily, using data from millions of Google Web searches conducted up to an hour before each update, the company said.

google trends

Search whats at the top of the music list with google music trends.

google music trends

For years, Google has compiled a list of popular searches it calls Google Zeitgeist, offering a weekly, monthly or annual retrospective look back at what its users wanted to know. Hot Trends updates and automates this process by giving a contemporary snapshot of what is on people’s minds–at least as reflected by what goes through Google Web search each day.

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