Iphone Firmware v1.1.3 unlocked : Time to upgrade Iphone

Are you an owner or unlocked Iphone with firmware version lower than the latest 1.1.3 ? Drooling over the features which the latest version provides, I think the time has come to upgrade your iphone. Version 1.1.3 can now be unlocked with the procedure mentioned below, I think this could be the hottest news of the month :) . Apple would have never thought that their latest software developments are so easy to crack . Here is what you need to do :

unlock the latest iphone v1.1.3

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer (via USB cable, of course)
  • Download, install and run iBrickr Special 1.1.3 jailbreak edition (iBricker.exe)
  • iBrickr will determine your firmware version and guide you through the jailbreak process
  • iBrickr will load the new firmware on your phone
  • Once iBrickr does its thing, goto Installer.app and install the “1.1.3 soft upgrade” package
  • When the installation completes (give it 10-15 minutes) your iPhone will reboot with a new v1.1.3 firmware

Seems pretty simple isnt it , unless your iphone doenst turn into an Ibrick after the update :lol: .

If you are still wondering what an Iphone v1.1.3 can do , here are few videos to cheer you up :

Copy paste with Iphone was never so easy, after all it was not available before ;)

Iphone v1.1.3 – video 1

Iphone v1.1.3 – video 2

For more details about unlocking visit creations

Disclaimer : This blog doesnt hold any responsibility if your Iphone doesnt work after this update. Upgrade at owner’s risk

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16 comments on “Iphone Firmware v1.1.3 unlocked : Time to upgrade Iphone

  1. so many things are being done for iphone…i am so tempted to have one iphone first…

  2. Yeah rajesh , its the right time to buy an iphone. Its getting very easy to unlock one. If you have someone in US, you can get it dead cheap :) compared to what it is selling in other countries. My friend has unlocked Iphone with initial firmware, and believe me, Iphone is really a piece of gadget you must have. its jus amazing. :D

  3. Hello, thanks a lot for the article I will update my Iphone now :)

  4. @doli ,
    All the best :) . Please make sure you read the feedback before. Please be aware that i have not tested it personally , I hope its a working solution. All the best once again.

  5. Can i upgrade it from V 1.1.1? Because i tried and it said v1.1.2 is needed.

  6. Yeah you are right, It need an unlocked 1.1.2 version of Iphone

  7. Sailesh patel

    Can iphone unlock 1.1.4 version will be upgraded with indian version which will be launched soon

  8. @sailesh
    I am not so sure .. may be we must wait for some news….