Iphone 3g too costly for “Deadliest Hacker” To afford, hence, Cant crack !!

Yeah, I twisted the headline which was the funny claim by Airtel which goes like “Even the Deadliest hacker Still cant crack its Iphone 3g” . I agree !! Its too costly for him to afford……

This story belong to a country called India, which never saw any official Apple product launch till 22nd August 2008. However, the excitement of the launch of the amazing apple Idevice was totally sabotaged with the press release that Iphone will cost nearly 31,000 INR for 8GB version and 36,000 INR for 16GB version ( ~ US $700 ). This was a huge disappointment for people who were actually expecting the priced to be little more than that released in US for around US $199 to $299. ( However, we guessed it long before ).With inflation at its peak , and cost of living rising in India, buying an Iphone at such an over rated price could really take a toll on your monthly budget. Happiness is Not owning an Iphone .. (atleast in India)

The price would have been totally justified if they would have come up with some Data package , with free minutes + sms. But there is no such plan, and I wonder, this will make Iphone limited to just the premier segment of the crowd.

Funny Claim by Airtel, after deadly price tag

Its really funny that a service provider, instead of trying to justify the price tag they have put for the apple masterpiece, are trying to claim that “Not even a deadliest hacker can crack its Iphone 3g”. Gives me some crazy feeling that whether is this a kind of open challenge to hackers to crack iphone 3g ?? Seems Airtel has worked with Apple, to create some operator specific Iphone applications. But whats the use of the application when there are no buyers ?? Moreover , if this application will prevent hackers to unlock Iphone 3g, then I think Airtel forgot that Iphone is now in a country where Nothing is Impossible….
Secondly, when such claims backfire… it result in huge loss. I dont think Airtel is ready for that . Similar incident happened nearly a year back. Read Claim and backfire.

Falling into own trap

No matter what !! these A letter companies (Airtel and Apple) along with Vodaphone has really planned it Wrong this time… Disappointing a huge consumer base will just result in Apple hatred and I am sure other phone manufacturers are really gonna take a Big advantage out of this. Remember Nokia’s line of cheap touchscreen phones ?? Also with new phones lined up for release on 25th August by Nokia, things are really generating interest.

Want free Iphone ?? Join HSBC

Co-operate world doesn’t seem to be worried about the price Tag. HSBC seems to have ordered around 200,000 Iphone for its staff and is all set to ditch Blackberrys. This even seems to be the biggest co-operate order which Apple must be getting. So guys, if you are a die hard Iphone addict and want it free, then look out for a job opening in HSBC :-) .

nokia's campaign against iphone

via :engadget

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21 comments on “Iphone 3g too costly for “Deadliest Hacker” To afford, hence, Cant crack !!

  1. “I agree !! Its too costly for him to afford……”.. That’s nice… :) Its hard only if the hacker cannot afford to buy the device for just hacking…

  2. Excellent kanak !! I am just waiting for the unlocked Iphone to be available for 50% the price. Not sure about others, but the price tag disappointed me.

    • Me too, not a exception. I was actually waiting for Airtel to release iphone instead of buying hacked ones. But now, after seeing this price tag I m much happy with the hacked ones.

  3. iphone has no cool features too. it is missing video recording and a lot more.. Without them the price is way too expensive..

  4. That’s a crazy Price! It’s a really nice phone, don’t get me wrong, but it is missing some pretty basic features and without the data package that price is absolutely crazy! And I thought we had it bad on line rental

  5. @rajesh
    Price Tag disappointed everyone.
    yeah the price is highly overrated .. these guys are trying to encash the hype
    Yeah .. think its quite cheap outside .. compared to the facilities you get along with that.

  6. Oops… Airtel didnt knew about this http://tinyurl.com/5sqmsy

    Better Airtel change that tagline!

  7. I still hope that the iPhone gets cracked, but for the functionality, I have used it or 2 months, and it is so bad to hold in hand and the sms part is just so week.

    When it would get cracked, then it would get better also…

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