Infocus Launches The Innovative IN1102 DLP WXGA Projector

Nikon has projector built in a digital camera,and some has it in mobile phone. Different from all these, Infocus has released its IN1102 DLP WXGA Projector that seems to dare other similar products in the industry. Undoubtedly one of the brightest projectors in recent times, the IN1102 DLP WXGA comes along with other innovative features. First you have the sharp text and images that makes the output of your laptop or PowerPoint slide stand out clearly no mater how far the reader is located. Again, you have the 1280 by 800 screen resolution for delivering outstanding presentations at lecture halls or at conferences or meeting rooms. This superb output is the ideal feature product merchandisers and marketing or salesmen will want to have.

 infocus IN1102 DLP WXGA Projector

This novel projector was specially designed to handle high resolution graphics. It has the capability to show in vivid colors, PowerPoint slides, charts, video and diagrams in outstanding clarity.

InFocus improved on the connectivity too. You can connect two computers to the projector. This means two people can use the system for presentation. This is a time saving feature and one that will also let small to medium sized businesses save money on new projector investments.

If you need to travel with the projector you can cut down on luggage cost by using the DisplayLink feature that works by transmitting the data in a compressed form from the PC to the projector; helping you do away with the VGA cable.

infocus IN1102 DLP WXGA Projector

It is not understood why a projector of this capability is unable to project DVD images so well. The output is so poor at times you may have to decipher what is been projected.

For such a fine appliance, you will be surprised that the audio is very poor. The projector has a 1 watt sound output and even that you can hardly hear what is been spoken because the sound is delivered in the mono format. When you take this negative feature out, all you have is a top notch projector suitable for both home and business use.

Download the full specification manual


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16 comments on “Infocus Launches The Innovative IN1102 DLP WXGA Projector

  1. Well i have not enough knowledge of projector but it is seeming good.

  2. It has been really an amazing stuff.

  3. Such new innovative technologies help the users to enhance the performance and save the time.

  4. The projector will be used predominantly for meetings, though occasionally for recreational usage (lunchbreaks,etc.). We will be getting an HD cable box, so my question is, Should I opt for an XGA or WXGA, again considering the projector will be predominantly used for laptops/presentations.

  5. Preferably look for a model with a digital input (DVI or HDMI), but even if it’s only analog most projectors will accept component input via an adapter on the VGA port .. and component works fine up to 1080i so it’s fine for HD cable.

  6. Until you will not update your site i have decided that i will read your old post.

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  8. The InFocus IN1100 mobile projector series is the perfect solution for business teams, teaching groups and presenters looking for a projector.

  9. It is really nice project with have more facility.I was thinking about getting this projector for a home theater. can it be done and how. also for anyone who has this can you tell me if its a good buy.

  10. The IN1102 is the only model in this group that can connect to two computers at the same time, for projector sharing by two presenters. To accomplish this, the IN1102′s connector panel includes both a standard VGA input and a mini-USB input that supports DisplayLink technology (a mini-USB cable is included).

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  12. I want to get a projector for my computer. Anyone know which one is decent and how it work? I never use a projector for the computer before.

  13. I would just get a XGA projector. Just make sure that the projector has the same type of input that the HD cable box has for an output. Most business projectors only have video, s-video and VGA. An HD cable box may have only plain video and HDMI. There are converters that can convert HDMI to VGA.

  14. The supports upto 1440×900 is misleading. Because, most probably the native resolution is 800×600 and it will downscale all inputs down to 88×600, which is NOT HD.

  15. i have a projector of this series but i have some problem in this. Let me know the service center near about Delhi (India)..

  16. Look for outside features – A stand is more than a stand and many people don’t
    know this. You can get some that have the USB hook up on the outside, making it
    easy for you to use your wires, while others act like a stand. The more features
    you get, the more you’re going to likely pay.