I am back !!!!

Confessions is what this post is all about. I am sorry for being out of touch for a while and I have carried excuses with me. But, I am not here to give any excuses, but to apologize in front of my blog’s reader for not updating the blog.

However, now I am back and will be back to blogging business from today itself. I am also planning to start working on my new theme side by side, so, soon ( couple of months :D ) you can expect a theme change here.

Managing, life after 6PM

Thats the time my office get over. However the passed month saw many changes in my after office life. I went for a beginner ski lesson in Ski Dubai , joined health club , Fitness First to be more precise ( after all health is wealth ) and got into some new activities too.

Artificial Rain in Dubai

Yeah its true, finally desert in Dubai can expect rain anytime. Drizzling, in one morning (6th May’2008) in Dubai came as a surprise for many. Later it was disclosed that it was an experiment carried by weather authorities. You can read more details here . The picture below will be able to convey how artificial rain is created.

artificial rain in Dubai

So, expect more interesting stories soon as tecfre.com is alive again :) .

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16 comments on “I am back !!!!

  1. ah, wonderful, you must take care of health no doubt. And when I started blogging now I understood the pain in posting regularly. Hope most of your reader will understand you situation.
    Meanwhile, The artificial rain is amazing and that too in a desert. :) Happy blogging…

  2. Great to see you back Kanak, and back with a bancg. Great post about You tube :)
    Hope to see great posts ahead

  3. Good to see you back, rock on

  4. Great to see you back! Since you’ve been gone I opened a couple new websites :)

  5. Welcome back kanak….i always read interesting stories here…so I am not expecting anything different :)

  6. @mobilejgames
    heheheh .. you are new to blogging ..long way to go :)

    @vaibhav @ram
    thanks a lot guys

    checking out

    thanks for the thumbs up…I wish you can switch too full feeds again …:)

  7. Welcome back! Its been more that one month without some interesting stuff…. :)

  8. Thanks for the heads up nirmal … I am sure to live up to the expectations.