How to buy the best mobile ???

Most of my friends often ask me

I want to buy a mobile , tell me which is the best one available

Well !! this is a question which people will be asking you much often if you are exploiting your mobile use it to the maximum possible extent. Here I will try to explain you certain steps which may help you in deciding the mobile phone which is the best for you :-) … Try to short list your mobile at the end of each step :-

    1. Decide What kind of person you are ???

You need to decide what kind of person you are !!! With that I mean :-

  1. You are a user, who want his phone to be used as a walkman or mp3 player ??
  2. You are a Enterprise user , who want his office to be in his mobile ??
  3. You are a Power User , who wants to maximize the usage of phone in every aspect of life ?? ( Like me ;-) )
  4. You are a user who want camera to be attached to the mobile ??
  5. You are a user who want a stylish mobile ???
  6. You are a user who jsut use mobile for talking ???
    2. Deciding the mobile brand !!!

There are so many mobile phone brands available in the market . Top 5 are listed below

  • Nokia– low end ( low price ) mobiles have good battery life , some high end are stylish and feature rich with ok sound.
  • Sony Ericcson – good sound , good camera
  • Motorola – are stylish
  • Samsung – are also stylish , good sound , but is now loosing market
  • Lg – are also stylish
  • 3. Deciding the mobile brand !!!

    How to decide a mobile brand ???

    1. Nokia – not much features in low end phones , good battery in low end phones , medium end phones have very good video recording ( mp4 format with 15 frames per second , much better than other traditional 3GP recording ). So many phones are available on S60 platform ( symbian series 60 OS ) which will help you installing 3rd party software. You can install ( mp3 player , avi player , instant messenger supporting yahoo , msn , google messenger , photo editor , world clock , file explorer and many many more ).

    They now have classifed there series based on the user preference and its available in all the price range.

    N series – 7 series ( n70,n71,n72,n73) These were the starting series trying to get maximum out of mobile. This series has the low price tag.

    N Series – 8 series (n80): This series lies between n70 series and n90 series and will try to have all in one mobile factor.

    N series – 9 series (N90.n91,n92,n93,n95) : This series is based on the nokia flag ship models in photography , music , video recording etc.

    N series are mostly for power user who want all in one mobile concept.

    N series have now come up with Music edition mobile also with 8 gb harddisk in n91.

    E series is purely for enterprise people who look business devices.

    N series mobiles are really ahead in technology. Latest N series mobile N95 includes a GPS module tooo and stands out as “all in one” Mobile.

    2.Sony Erisccon :- SE should be your priority if you are looking for phone for only 2 things. Camera and sound. Camera also , I will say only still recording in SE is pathetic and they have marked there series.

    K series for photography — started by K750i till K800i , SE is flagship in photography.

    Walkman series – Mainly for Music.

    Main drawback is they dont have support for symbian OS, which make them a bit boring after some time of use, coz you find the same phone with same applications.

    3. Motorola : Motorola has good and stylish mobile , somewhat feature rich ..So you can decide for motorola if you want a stylish mobile just for talking or hearing music sometimes.

    4. Samsung , Lg : I feel they are good for gifting, If you want to gift to someone.


    Whats the Budget you have ? How much are you going to spend ? This is the best thing which can tell you whether you are capable of buying the phone you aspire. You can check so many online sites for prices. Prices differ country to country . Also in the same country , you will have a street price and the retail showroom price. So plan and buy accordingly.

    5.Reviews on Net

    Dont forget to check the reviews on the internet. Before buying any mobile its always better to ask the people who have used it . If you are planning to buy a mobile equivalent to the price of a Laptop , you have to make sure that its worth it. So its always better to check out with the people who have used that mobile before and check whether there are any issue with the battery or software .

    Many sites from where you can check details are :

    Mobile Review
    new Mobile ( you can see the picture, videos etc taken by a particular mobile here )

    Other thing that is worth mentioning is :

    What phone you are using currently

    So Never Forget TO COMPARE Your Current Phone With The One you are planning to BUY

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