How do you feel when your comment is caught by a spam protector plugin ??

comment spam Update : Akismet has blocked me again and I Am not only one who is facing this problem. Howard Owens is also who is facing this problem. I commented on publishing2 and it didnt appear.Someone help me out. I wish I could shout out to akismet “Hey I am not a spammer buddy”.

As far as I am concerned, it really hurts when I comment on a blog and it end up satisfying hunger of a plugin used to capture comment spam.

Well, here I am not talking about comment moderation where atleast a message is displayed stating that “your comment is awaiting moderation” . But if there is a comment spam plugin, your comment will just disappear, and you will be left wondering what exactly happend. You think of typing the comment again, and again it doesnt appear. Finally you end up contacting the blog author, asking them to check if your comment got caught by the comment spam plugin installed on their blog.

It has happened with me quite often, where the comment plugin has prevented my comment to appear on some of the blog again and again. Even being a frequent commentor on some blogs I have encountered situations where my comment got caught.

My story

Merry christmas Mayank and Madhur as my comment got caught as a spam :( . My comment didnt appear on Raj’s post where he gave a crucial information about google adds getting attacked by trojan.

Long back my comment didnt appear on the coder of adsense plugin called Who see Ads , where I wanted to clarify my doubts . While contacting the writer using contact form, it displayed an error that my ip address is banned :( . Same was the case with plugin “Similar Posts” which displays related posts for a particular post. My comments even got caught over Johnchow’s blog but appeared after couple of hours ( I am sure he takes a look at comments which got caught by spam stopper plugin ) .

Update :
Here is the latest screenshot :(

spam comment

My request to fellow bloggers

Since I have been a victim of comment spam plugin, my request with blog authors is to mention kind of spam protection they are using in the comment form, like akismet (anyways i will never recommend that ) or some other plugin. And also what someone should do if the comment does not appear, as above screenshot. :D

I used akismet to prevent my blog with spam comments. But couple of weeks after intallation, I uninstalled it coz it was putting legit comments into moderation. Now I have simple math plugin and a list of keywords (like “[/url]” , “$” , “porn” etc etc) which will put the comment into moderation, if the comment text consist any.

Arpit has list of plugins with which you can prevent spam comments on your blog. I wont recommend akismet to anyone.

Have you ever encountered any situation like this ?? What measures you use to prevent spam comments on your blogs ?? and also Do you ever check before deleting the spams comments caught by these plugins ???

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18 comments on “How do you feel when your comment is caught by a spam protector plugin ??

  1. yep something wrong with akismet…ur comments had to be released from the spam list…i see a new version available for upgrade…let me do it…

  2. I’m sorry kanak. My bad that I didn’t approve the comment fast. I don’t use akismet, I use defensio and with this I know for sure that I won’t miss any legit comment and I always restore those comments which are legit. For e.g. urs.

    Merry xmas to you too and hey…I’m just lazy to play around with the plugins and I’m quite satisfied with defensio. now that I’m marking your comments as legit…defensio will ensure that next time it will automatically approve your comments :)

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  4. I’m using akismet. Yes, it caughts some genuine one too. The blogger must re-mark such comments as genuine. But, I think Akismet waits a few days for approval.

    Kanak, your warning for spam blogs again appeared on this page. To test it, today I went to the spam blog (that regularly copies your blog posts) and then came to this page. Now, I can see four of them on this page. I have a screenshot. I think it is due to cache! What you say? Actually I am thinking about using such a warning on my blog. That’s why the testing! Thanks.

  5. Sorry to hear this. Infact your comment on my blog was also caught by Akismet, but it happened only yesterday. Anyways I’ll check the spam comments also.

  6. @techbliss : I feel something wrong with my blog url, I think thats what is creating this problem

    @mayank : hey sorry makes it more formal, there is nothing wrong from your side… so dont say sorry for such small stuffs :D

    @earnblogger : thanks for your screenshot. I really appreciate your supprt. :)

    @nirmal : great that you released it :)

  7. The spam filter does a good job everyone has told, but in my blog I often see uncaught spams and comments that are very cleverly caught when there is one irrelevant word but comment still useful. So I removed it as I dont have much time to maintain the blog.

  8. yeah thats true, spam filter does catch comments which are legible, but it does give you a notification that the comment is in moderation, to the publisher as well as commentor. But any of these comment spam filter does not notify the commentor that the comment caught as spam. Moreover legit comment lies between spam comments, its more probable that it might skip the eye of blogger. :)

  9. Hi Kanak,
    Today your comment was waiting for me in spam section! It is strange for me. I demarked it. I think that some bloggers marked your comments as spam. Akismet caughts your comments because it has some info about you! It is a serious problem for bloggers.

    I request all bloggers to check comments caught by Akismet. Atleast check the blog, before marking or deleting it as a spam.

  10. Hey Kanak, I am assuming there may be a problem with your IP. If its dynamic, the IP range may have been used for extensive abuse earlier by some others. This can put spam defenses on an alert when the IP is used for commenting.

    Try using a proxy site and leave comments, see if that causes problems too! If it doesn’t have any problems then, contact your ISP. Hope all goes well!

  11. This happens sometimes, contact akismet and notify the problem.

  12. @ram , Thanks for the info.I have contacted them, waiting for the reply.

    @vijay, Thanks for the support. It happens with the proxy site also. coz i use it at office to browse blogs which are blocked at our office ( even mine :) ) , so its a clear problem with akismet. I have contacted akismet, hope they reply soon. Let me c what happens.

  13. @earnblogger, yeah you gave me the right way to think ,and then Ram added the solution to contact akismet as it happened with him too. I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for their reply. :) .. i hope they unblock me so that i can continue commenting on other blogs anything till that time i am preventing myself. :(

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  15. Now I will also keep an eye on comments caught by Akismet.

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  17. yeah ashish , everyone should :)

  18. Akismet blocks genuine commenters and even the webmasters of their own blog. This has happened to me. I am suffering using it, not a great tool. It follows a pretty lame algorithm :-(
    i do not add my website’s url while commenting coz when i know the comment won’t show up.
    Akismet is hampering the blogging experience of many blog commenters who love to gel with others even though they are relatively new.

    I have also taken this issue to a next level dicusiing it on forums so that many people get aware of it