Happy 61st Independence Day India !!!

Today we Indians, celebrate the 61st anniversary of our Independence . Its the time to feel proud as an Indian and I would like to take the opportunity to wish all my fellow Indians a very Happy Independence Day.

WE have really come a long way ….. :)



Carried with care…

india independence day

coated with pride

india independence day

dipped in love

india independence day

fly in glory

india independence day

moments of freedom


in shades of joy

india independence day










Lets Celebrate the



Birthday of our






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11 comments on “Happy 61st Independence Day India !!!

  1. pradeep

    happy independence day mate. Feel great to be an Indian :-D

  2. Happy Independence Day to Everyone

  3. Happy Independence day to everyone. :) Feel proud and responsible.

  4. Happy Independence Day everyone … :-)

  5. Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends!

  6. same to you syahid

  7. I hate this I Day, R Day, M Day, A day, C Day, V Day, F Day, etc.. it seems we have a day in every alphabet.

    I’m very patriotic as a person can be. But tomorrow we forget all about our babus who brought us freedom. Why wait for Valentines day to show affection to your GF/BF/Spouse? Why wait for Jan 1 to take resolution?

    Independence Day, my foot.

  8. hey ashwin ,
    your frustration is well understood.. however.. its the same feeling i too have…

    May be current situation in India do make us feel, that if there is any actual meaning left for independence day .. with our nation still ruled by communism and terrorism … Separatist rule the crowd…

    However, dont want to go deep into this else people will say am a pessimist…

  9. I’m late but Happy Independence Day India…

  10. sanjayakumar

    happy independence day to all my indians .ashwin why r u hate on this occassin