Google Vs Yahoo Vs Bing : Which provide better search results and ad revenue ?

Finally now , there could be atleast ONE reason, for which bloggers or commercial website owners would love Microsoft Bing search engine. Comparing organic search traffic,if a user arrive on your website via BING, is more likely to click on an Advertisement, than a user who is referred by Google or Yahoo. The study was done by a search advertising company Chitika, whose results are as follows :

Bing VS Yahoo VS google in terms of ad clicks

So as per the above statistics ( which is based on clickthrough rates from 32 million ad impressions across its network of more than 50,000 sites in a week in July),  only 0.97% Google referrals click on ads, for Yahoo its 1.24% and Bing its nearly 1.5%.

Why people click ads : A criteria for search engine ranking?

Its always said, people visiting your blog or website via a search engine referral are more likely to click ads. People search a particular information on these search engines, and finally based on the keywords entered while search, they are provided with results on Google , Yahoo or  Bing (depending on the search engine you are using) .Now, after you get the search results, 95% of people just visit the first result , and hence arrive on the blog or the website. Now, if the information present on the website is incomplete or only partially available , the visitor tend to click on an add (which is determined by the keywords used while searching the information on the search engine) considering it an internal link to some extra information.

Hence, based on above theory , if users are clicking more on ads, does prove :

  1. Bing is providing results with incomplete information
  2. Chitika search advertising provide better results than BING.

So, if your blog has incomplete information , and with lots of search engine traffic ( especially from BING ) , your advertising income will skyrocket. Below are the official number from Chitika Survey






% more clicks (Bing)





















Techcrunch explanation goes as follows :

But a more likely explanation is that Google represents the vast bulk of the traffic, 83 percent to be exact. Bing only represents 8 percent. There is a law of large numbers at work here. The more traffic that comes from any one source (i.e., Google), the lower the clickthrough rate is likely to trend. If the market share was reversed, Bing would undoubtedly have a lower clickthrough rate.

Nows lets go and find out who are these guys using Mircosoft Bing :-D .

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