Google to turn more environment Friendly !! EFT option available for Adsense

Google was always environment concerned. Let it be in terms of blackle ( the black google) or environment friendly and fuel efficient Hybrid cars.

Now google has provided an Environment Friendly option for the most popular Adsense service. Using adsense you can publish text or image on your blogs or website and earn money online based on user’s clicks.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is now available for google adsense service and allow you to eliminate printed paper cheques and the money is posted directly to your bank account after few days it appear in your payment history page. Currently, EFT is available to publishers in these countries.

You might be knowing some of the countries can receive the Google payments straight into their own currency while other nations such as France, Germany and Portugal receive the money in Euros.

via : google blog , softpedia news.

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