Give your Nokia N95 some Iphone effects with Accelerometer Based applications

Imagine, your nokia N95 got possessed by some Iphone spirit and the UI starts responding to the orientation of the phone. The moment you turn it 180 degree, screen gets landscape oriented and ,potrait- when turned vertical again. Yeah, it possible and I am currently testing this on my phone, and believe me it works great. All thanks to the newly coded Accelerometer Based applications.

Many might be aware, but for some who are still unaware of what does this accelerometer stuff is all about , here is a brief summary and some who need a lot more can check in symbian freak forum.

Mobile sensor APIs allow us to get the data from the embedded sensors. That 3D accelerometer inside N95 allows us to get notification about the phone tilt for example whether the phone is tilted 0,90,180,270 degrees.

Who is Samir ??

Samir hails from France and is the programmer behind release of some highly famous accelerometer based application. Check out his site.

nokia accelerometer

Signing an Unsigned S60 Application

Some of these application are in beta version and you may have to sign it through SDN ( symbian developer network ) , else you wont be able to install the application . You can check out this simple tutorial at all about symbian regarding how to sign a S60 application. You may require a non tradition email id ( other than yahoo , gmail , hotmail ) which you can get it at or .

Rotate Me

Still in beta version, the unsigned application is available to download at Samir’s website. As the name suggest , this application can change the UI of the phone based on the orientation. Check out the video below, I am using it on my phone, and, its just wonderful.

Its not only limited to UI orientation

Here comes the real power of Nokia accelerometer applications. UI orientation was just the starting and here is what more you can do with your phone.

Use your nokia phone as wireless remote like Wiimote with Nokmote

Amazing “Rock and Scroll” for N95

from keynetik


There are lots of games available, which uses this technology, to compensate keystrokes. May be you should have a look at youtube in your spare time.

Shake SMS

Prevent wastage of time to read a SMS. Normal procedure to read a message 1. Unlock the keypad , 2. Open a message , 3. Read the message, 4. Exit message and then lock the keypad.
Now do all this by just shaking the phone.

Do you still wanna buy Iphone ??? (only thing missing here, is a multitouch interface ).

via :symbian-freak

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8 comments on “Give your Nokia N95 some Iphone effects with Accelerometer Based applications

  1. have you tried this kanak…looks pretty interesting…

  2. This device, if its much more sensible, then mobile games would reach good heights, like people can move their phone to play Bounce ball game. Just Imagine. Even with this sensitivity we can develop innovative games. :) Lemme try this out.

  3. @techbliss,
    I am using rotateme currently on my phone. Waiting for rock and scroll and nokomate ( seems , with version update nokmote is not supported, so waiting for patch ) :)

    @smackall, seems like these kinds of games are available. You can check some on youtube and symbian-freak forum or news section. its just amazing to see phone performing such stuffs.

    • ahmed yasir

      its a favor if u send me the rotateme app. i searched alot, but i couldnt find it so far. so i m waiting for ur reply.

  4. Very nice reading and it works me well. Thanks for it.

  5. @rakshit

  6. Most people will still buy an iPhone. Probably because Nokia don’t know how to market anything. Even only now I know N95 has accelerometer.

    BTW, Symbian S60 only has single touch point. So, Nokia will take some time to develop multitouch.

    Honestly, there’s not going to be an iPhone killer. iPhone will not die. Just like iPod. Just how many announced iPod killer MP3 players we have seen since 2001?

    The closest is Zune. And that’s because Microsoft made it. Now, nobody even remember what is a Zune. Some squirting device?

  7. @h4rry
    Nokia is very good in Marketting. However accelerometer applications can not compete with Iphone’s UI . Nokia could be a great competitor .. but anyway lets wait for the device first.