First fastest Proxy browser for mobile phones : unblock blocked websites

Yeah its true, bypass any website blocking firewall set up by your ISP. It was just that, I was trying to search a VPN application for my mobile phone, when I remembered something which goes like this :

Skyfire is announced as the fastest loading mobile browser to date, as it’s based on the fact that the displayed content is first rendered on a server and the sent to handsets. The new browser also has lots of features that simplify the mobile browsing experience, like bookmarking a specific location from a web page, full screen navigation, zooming and thumbnail views.

skyfire loading

Yeah !! its skyfire . I reviewed skyfire after it was released for public download for countries other than US.

It was the initial usage when I realized that this browser actually work more like a proxy browser. I was able to open most of the blocked site ( orkut etc ) here, as they are officially blocked by ISP here at UAE.

Skyfire has actually brought a revolution in mobile browsing. So guys, what are you waiting for , go to from your mobile phone browser and download the world’s first fastest proxy brower for your mobile phone. With more and more phones and OS ( s60 , WinMO , Windows Touch etc. ) getting supported by skyfire, I Am sure skyfire will surely beat everyone.

Here are the screenshots of two blocked site in UAE
blocked orkut accessed via skyfire
blocked accessed via skyfire

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13 comments on “First fastest Proxy browser for mobile phones : unblock blocked websites

  1. Lovely blog. Though it looks clutterred with all the ads and banners.

  2. @jhangara
    Thanks for your comments .. yeah i too felt that coz of the top links above the blog post, which i have removed now … I think its looks less cluttered now …

    keep visiting .. :-)

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  4. Thanks a lot! I will try SkyFire for sure!
    About VPN, have a look at new software called Symvpn, for many phone users it could be quite usefully software on s60 3rd phones.

  5. eamonn cronnelly

    how do i get around check point as it keeps sayin access denied

  6. Can any1 help me in fiding a cheap calling software for Sony Ericsson C905 which is working in Dubai…

    I tried Mo call bt that is vry expensive ..almost equal to Etisalat calling rates…


  7. now it is blocked

  8. joy george

    how can i use skifire on dubai(UAE)

  9. please try to upload the software to because the site is blocked here
    my mobile is Nokia C6-00
    thnx a lot