Fight for slimness : Lenovo’s ThinkPad X300 to compete with Mac Book Air ??

There was a huge applause when Steve Jobs pulled out a MBA ( Mac Book Air ) from a manila folder. It was all about slimness and here is Lenovo’s X300 , ready to be announced on Feb 26th 2008 and first to give MBA a direct competitor. So who will win ??

mac book air vs lenovo x300

If you dig deep inside , you will find Lenovo X300 outperform MBA in most of the spec. For example : presence of built-in DVD drive , replaceable battery , 3 USB ports and ethernet networking jack and also an option of Windows XP or Vista.

mac book air vs lenovo x300

The opinion is given that the two product wont actually compete with each other as Lenovo is pitching the ThinkPad at the enterprise market and Apple’s MacBook Air is more consumer-oriented. But I wonder, then why Lenovo’s manufacturing was done with so much of hurry !!

If you ask me , I will surely chose Mac Book Air over Lenovo’s X300. MBA uses the hyped technology of today , the multitouch trackpad and above all “Apple Factor” which itself makes it special, over the kinda ugly looking X300??

If you look at the following image , you will find in how much hurry the manufacture of X300 was started and completed after the launch of Apple MBA.

Lenovo x300 manufacture

So which according to you is better ??

All image source : business week’s story on building a perfect laptop

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24 comments on “Fight for slimness : Lenovo’s ThinkPad X300 to compete with Mac Book Air ??

  1. Well, if I am not wrong, all Lenovo products are not good looking. Not at all. They only emphasis on quality of hardware used. No importance to design. I am also using Lenovo Laptop and really it does not look that good. But yes, quality wise it’s right on top.

    Still, if you compare Lenovo or any other brand with Apple, I will always favor Apple. The name speaks it all. You don’t need any further investigation.

  2. @rakshit
    you are so true :) .. lenovo are good in build but really bad in looks. Anyways as you said .. “Apple” name says it all ;)

  3. yeah.. apple is really the best and gen x tech company.
    but the main problem with them is their products are biased towards US and UK users and some European countries…. like for eg. WIFI and no ethernet port. it makes us to buy an extra router or WIFI modem… non removable battery which of screws up.. its hard to get it replaced in INDIA… and even the IPHONE which has 3G support is of no use in india as we dont have the facility yet.
    things like these are best suited for US consumers. they must think about starting apple stores in india and try selling thier products locally here. we LOVE APPLE too. [:)].
    hope it happens

  4. @ram
    yeah I too heard that apple is not that interested in Indian market. I dont know the actual reason though, but with “India Shining”, I wonder till when they restrict themself from this lucrative market.

  5. Apple needs to increase its service base in India, if it ever wants to reach out to more consumers.. Lenovo is well known to most people here and they would prefer that.

  6. Mac is definitely better looking than Lenovo, but the latter beats in features.

  7. Steve Jobs always makes apple a little hyped – particlarly in U.S

    was in France – Paris and Grenoble last week – and am back reading and writing blogs..hope to be a top commentator here again…

  8. Boss, this is Apple Mac. Design wise and the software wise (OS X and the apps) Windows based PC stands no chance.

    MBA, FTW!

  9. @vijay
    apple must be hearing this, then only something can happen :)

    Looks , fashion and apple go together

  10. @techbliss
    welcome back buddy, I myself was wondering where you have been ;-)

    My votes also go for MBA . I think with every day passing , volume of MS haters is increasing.
    Same MBA : FTW :D

  11. Ashwin,
    I agree that Windows stands no where near Mac, but who is worried about design and technology. In India, people first see the price, they see what technology is there inside. This is the only one reason for Apple not succesful in India.

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  13. @nirmal
    Not everyone but some techie guys, which do make a little percent in India do drool over technology. Wonder how many technology blogs are from india :D

  14. very true nirmal and kanak…

  15. @Kanak,
    Well that percentage is very less and you cant make a product in India for that base. Apple made this same mistake before. I cant reveal much here, but I know more about Apple. ;-)

  16. @rajesh
    hey may be you can reveal it on your blog, it fun hearing all that :)

  17. Forgot abt this post…

    If you get a Mac from the USA it’s not that expensive. But for pro use (design, coding, editing, DJing, etc..) Macs are the best and people buy it to run a couple of apps.

    Yeah, I agree it’s overpriced and expensive in India. I got my Mac & 2 iPods and this summer I’m getting an iPhone again from USA. :D

  18. @Ashwin,
    It may be cheap in US, but how many can afford that? :-)

  19. @Kanak,
    I cannot reveal it on my blog as well, we are not supposed to reveal info on our clients, company policies. :-)

  20. @ashwin,
    you are so right, dont know about Mac Books , but Iphone is really cheap in US.

    in US many can afford it easily, i think so. But not possible in other countries. BTW my friend got unlocked iphone 16gb here at UAE for 2500 AED comes to around $681 , but in US its just 499$.

    and yeah i know the pain of company policies :D . These policies try to cage you in the world of information. … ;-)

  21. Kanak,
    Well I didnt mean how many can afford in US, my question was to Ashwin, who said that you can get a Mac book from US? How many from India can afford that? :-)

  22. @nirmal, ohh , i misunderstood. Agree, not many can afford it that way. :D

  23. Apple model is much better than lenovo.

    Lenovo have less memory and a very bad processor.

    They send the computer with 1Gb Ram, 64 Gb HD, 1,2 Ghz (too slow) The don’t install vista even they recomend it in the web because if you put vista on this specs, takes 30 min to open a windows.

    Watch it:,Screen%20Size_1,Starting%20weight_0

  24. @peter ,
    I have personally not used a lenovo, so am not sure about it. But visiting a Apple store yesterday and having a MBA in front of me left me highly impressed. I think i just became a huge apple fan :)