Etisalat to bring Iphone to UAE this month, Officially

Good news for Iphone lovers at UAE. Iphone is all set to debut in UAE this month, officially via Etisalat. However, unlocking an Iphone is no big deal as of now, but having it officially with a service provider, do give you some (or one ) extra options.

Iphone officially in UAE with Etisalat

Talking about that one extra option, A data bundle , is one reason why Iphone will find a good market over here. We all know the kind of internet experience an Iphone can provide, and , with numerous amount of applications available, buying an Iphone could be even more tempting.

However, this news came as a surprise to me, as I never thought that Iphone will ever be able to make its debut in UAE market after some strong words from TRA official at the time of initial launch of Iphone 3g in July 2008

Exclusivity is considered anti-competition in the UAE. If Apple does not open the iPhone to all [operators] in the UAE, it won’t be coming here,”

“We don’t want anything to do with monopoly. Exclusivity is close to monopoly and it is prohibited in the competition law of the telecom sector,”.

An excerpt from the national
Mark Davis, Etisalat’s programme director for the iPhone project, said the agreement has been in the works for two years.

“It took a lot of testing, and frankly it took a lot of time to negotiate the contract as well,” he said.

“Relatively few carriers around the world have been successfully awarded it. Apple is inundated with requests for carriers and they are extremely careful about who they let into that club.”

The smart phones will be sold at the market price, Mr Davis said, and be available for prepaid and postpaid customers. The phones will be available initially at Etisalat’s business and retail outlets, and later at other mobile stores, he said.

Mr Davis would not say how many phones would be available, but that according to their forecasts, there should be enough supply to satisfy demand.

He added that Etisalat would also contribute to the airtime plan to make it more accessible for people in the UAE.

Its good to see Iphone making its debut in UAE market and that too officially. But I hope the “Market Price” as stated, is very competitive. However, at this time of economic crisis , I hope Etisalat has planned things well, to prevent a backfire.

Now the main thing to watch would be, the step taken by the other network service provider called DU. Competition is good for the consumers and I hope Iphone will break some record here as well.

via : the national

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