Chargepod can help your mobile phone family to unite : Charge 6 devices at Once

Remember the extension cord concept. It was something really creative. But callpod has come out with a device tagged Charging Perfection. Have a look at the image below and you also will agree with them.
6 device charger

I think the time has come to ditch all your charging cables and hug the new reality. Chargepod, is what the device is called and gives you the power to charge 6 devices at once. Now no more fighting for plug points with your roomies , no more compromise on time, just harmony and peace.

For families ,dinner, is the time for unity; for mobiles Chargepod is the means for unity.

Creative product !! Isnt it ?? Callpod has lots of other creative product also ..Check out at their site. However, Chargepod is gonna cost you 40$ !!

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6 comments on “Chargepod can help your mobile phone family to unite : Charge 6 devices at Once

  1. Nothing much creative in this I guess, coz we have some similar product placed in Indian Railway stations and Airports. One thing is its simple and designed well. But really useful stuff, I agree. Especially for our testing team in our office. ;)

  2. @mobilejgames,
    Ohhh !! might be I never noticed one in Airport :D … I found it pretty creative actually , first look to me looked like like a official meeting, mobile phones are together for one simple purpose : Getting charged !! :D

  3. Thats a great one…I have seen similar ones in the airports…and I have even seen them in Phone shops where customers come to pay bills