Change in site looks , Forum kept me busy

I was more into debugging these days. Before this I never ever touched a css or a php file. May be I was not interested, but plans of changing my site look was in my mind for long. But , am not creative at all and playing with colors is something, which I can never even dream of. But i had to do it, and am happy that three things worked well for me :

  1. Mozilla firefox
  2. Firebug
  3. Web Developer toolbar

firebug and developer tool bar are firefox extentions. They will make your work with css very easy if you know a little about it. It will be even helpful in stealing some css design from other websites :D ;-) .

You might have noticed the new link at the top right corner of the blog .

forum link on tecfre

This is the forum i was working on , and am able to complete it nearly 70% . Forum is live now and user and register and log in. The forum is powered by bbpress. You can say it as the forum for bbpress. Considering the fact that most of the people using WordPress are not commercial, bbpress is the perfect option for having a front page look

I always wanted to have a forum which I can easily integrate in wordpress. And bbpress is the solution.

It has got most of the functionalities of the smiliar to wordpress. You have plugins , themes , open source , full customization etc etc.

Read in my next article more about bbpress.

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2 comments on “Change in site looks , Forum kept me busy

  1. i love the look and feel of bbpress but it is hard to get it running and im not up for all that copy and pasteing. Im no programmer so i can lost easily. but bbpress is the way to go i just have to have my forum intergrated so the reader never has to leave the site.

  2. Yeah its a bit new .. and hence does not have much better admin panel . Want to see it progressing like wordpress as soon as possible.