Big day’s surprises leaked: Nokia N81, N95 8gb and 5310 , 5610 express music series

With less than 4 hours remaining for the big event for Nokia, the surprises are no longer surprises. has published tons of snaps of Nokia’s “to be” announced Music series.These are supposed to be press photos to be officially published by nokia today at london. Do visit this thread at for tons of pictures of the following models.

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Nokia N81

Well !! Nokia N81 already had lots of pictures leaked.
nokia N81 picutres leaked

Nokia N95 8GB

Same case here also. We already had the snapshots of 8GB edition of Nokia N95.

nokia N95 picutres leaked

Nokia 5310 Express Music Series

nokia 5310 picutres leaked

Nokia 5610 Express Music Series

nokia 5610 picutres leaked

Nokia 5710 Express Music Series

update : This image is of black edition of Nokia 5700. Thanks Rey for commenting and letting me know :) .
nokia 5710 picutres leaked

Seems like Nokia is pretty bad in keeping the surprises. Before announcing any model, always the picture gets leaked. Well !!! as far as I feel , its kind of publicity stunt by Nokia :twisted: .
Also Nokia is getting too much music oriented by revamping old models into Music Editions. Less Work in design and New Models in the Series. Great going Nokia.

With less then 4 hours to go , lets see what appear at

Share your views on these models with Comments :grin:

via : intomobile

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26 comments on “Big day’s surprises leaked: Nokia N81, N95 8gb and 5310 , 5610 express music series

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  2. Hmm.. the express music edition looks cool. Hope it won’t cost as that much.

    You have any idea as how much the SE K850i will cost here? I might buy a mobile, but not want to spend that much.

  3. @ashwin , SE k850i must be around 1800 to 2000 dirhams. As you know that initial price is always high, so sometimes it may even cross 2000 dirhams mark. I think its available in Ebay.
    But hey be careful with latest SE phones. Some of them are having keypad problem.

  4. i’m not a big fan of nokia.. and those phones don’t look so impressive.

  5. @roffi , thanks for stoppin by :D .. yeah its about personal opinion .. coz if you ask me .. i just cant think of any mobile other than nokia … coz of the symbian UI … :D .. again this is my personal opinion … :mrgreen:

  6. Just wanted to correct you, its not 5710, its only 5700 with the Pure Black edition.. :neutral: :neutral:

  7. @rey, thanks for the info :) … I checked and corrected it

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  9. Hi, do you know what happened to the 5700 Black edition?? GSMarena people removed every reference of it from the news, sometime after it was announced… And there is no mention of it in the Official Nokia site either… :neutral: :neutral:
    I hope its not fake…. :sad:

  10. @rey yeah i also noticed that. When you commented i went through all the press releases and news site but when i didnt find it in any of the place, i had a doubt that its already existing .. but now i think they will release it as limited edition some time later.. :neutral:
    Hey, btw , i commented on your site but didnt c the comment appear … any moderation?? :(

  11. how much is 5310 express music?

  12. You have any idea as how much the nokia 5310 express music will cost here? I might buy a mobile, but not want to spend that much.

  13. @wel , since i am at dubai, I can only tell you the price here. You can visit for details. cheers

  14. im in england i just got the 5310 on the 27 th it cost me £110 this is WITH vat and £10 ad its amazin i love the phone if you live in America it should be like $200

    • Unknown

      really? i just got the same phone for free with a 3 year contract

  15. @luke Yeah even Nokia 5610 is amazing. the sound is too good with dedicated audio chip. I am amazed nokia made something like that. You got it really cheap. Here it comes to nearly $250… I am talkin about UAE , dubai :)

  16. hii 2 all
    plz i want 2 ask u
    when will nokia release the 5710 music edition in Jordan?
    plz reply and send a message 2 my email

  17. I wonder whether 5710 music edition exist. Its black edition of nokia 5700 :)

  18. Ajith Kamath

    drop me an email about any details(including pricing in india and how to order on apple website) on iphone.

  19. Ajith Kamath

    hi…i want email alerts about replies to this post

  20. Ajith Kamath

    my contact no is 98448 97210

  21. is something wrong with my phone its unlimited for everything and it works well exept for texting ive managed to send 3 text messages out of 46 is something wrong? should i call the company

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  23. it comes in lilac or black and it’s offered by Tmobile. It’s a cool phone, I’d recommend it but It only has 3 hours talk time so you should watch out for that.

  24. helo i wanted to ask you how much does it cost Nokia 5610 Express Music Series ?

  25. i want FM and excelant Music system, No camara, no smart phone. Give me model number and price.