ARM’s multicore graphics processing unit for mobiles to support one billion pixels a second

“I think we’re unique” were the words said by Chris Porthouse, ARM senior product manager for media hardware and I totally agree to it.
ARM has unveiled its Mali-400 MP multiprocessor graphics processing unit (GPU) which it claims can deliver performance of up to one billion pixels per second, bringing it more closer to the capabilities of Desktop computers. However, power consumption and area efficiency are key aspects of the Mali-400 MP GPU design. The first product featuring the technology will be available in 2010.

The move is pretty similar to that of Symbian’s plan to incorporate graphics support in its smartphone operating system. A new graphics subsystem called ScreenPlay will support features such as transparency and will make use of any GPU hardware available. Porthouse said ARM was working with key partners such as Symbian to ensure full support for Mali 400.

While each core can work on a separate area of the display simultaneously to speed processing, each can also be powered down individually, between frames if necessary, to cut power consumption.

This news really comes as a blessing for all the mobile operator who plan to prepare an iphone killer or competitor. Processor speed is very very much necessary to keep the user experience intact (after all who like to use a slow mobile phone ?? ). In the race to beat iphone, many manufacturers like HTC compromised on speed. You must have seen couple of hands on video of upcoming HTC Diamond which is again widely announced as an Iphone killer. HTC plan to sell nearly 2 million HTC Diamond mobile phones this year. I wonder whether they will be able to live up to the claim as during the presentation, the slow speed of mobile phone was an embarrassment for the presenter.

The need for high speed GPU is cleared explained by Mr. Chris Porthouse

Recent touch-driven user interfaces showed the need for better displays, while some phones coming to market soon have micro projectors that will drive demand for higher resolutions than can fit onto a handset’s built-in screen. Meanwhile, people are already accessing more web content via their phone, and navigation software is also pushing the graphics capability of devices.

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6 comments on “ARM’s multicore graphics processing unit for mobiles to support one billion pixels a second

  1. wow, with such improvements on mobile devices will soon replace computers… ;)

  2. you are right Shankar, mobile devices are getting desktop features one by one … I think next 5 to 10 years theres gonna be lot of change.

  3. I think you blog too little as it is.