Alexa goes harsh on blogs ?? Kicks johnchow outside 100k !!

Update : seems like things have got right !! That was just some bug crawled in :)

Just read this on labnol’s blog that whether alexa is changing ranking system for blogs. Well after reading it , I thought let me check for gizmodo and engadget and other blogs. Well i was pretty amazed that “yesterday ranking” of alexa for these blogs have come down to in between 7000 – 8000 . Well I just wondered , ok what about johnchow , Since holds a rank nearly 3000 – 4000 in alexa , does the traffic graph of johnchow crossed these blogs ???
Well again was the time for amazement, johnchow’s blog was no where seen close. The “yesterday traffic ranking” of johnchow shows N/A which means outside 100k .
johnchow's alexa ranking

Well !! I never agreed or believed alexa and I had reasons to hate alexa’s details .Johnchow bombed google and hence got kicked out of it. Well !! but what is alexa upto ?? Is alexa now trying to get the actual traffic details similar to google or some bug has crawled in ??? Any comments !!!

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18 comments on “Alexa goes harsh on blogs ?? Kicks johnchow outside 100k !!

  1. Seriously should we take this Alexa seriously? My blog statistically looks bad (not in Alexa Top 100k, shameful Technorati rank, PR 4, etc..) but do the readers care about it?

    For me, if readers don’t care, then I also don’t care. :D

  2. Alexa ranking has been changed recently, that was my observation, but no idea what happened to John Chow. :-)

  3. @ashwin alexa, technorati ok .. but PR 4 .. is not at all pathetic .. moreover you are right !! if readers dont care .. so we should also not care …
    But some people judge blogs based on alexa ranking .. thats bad isnt it ??

    @nirmal, yeah alexa rank in changing .. i was having the feel, until today .. when i started believing :) .. Lets c whts the actual stuff or its just a bug ..

  4. Alexa get importance, because advertisers and ad network pay importance to it. Although everyone know it is not true representation of traffic.

  5. right ashok !! I think i have stopped caring about alexa :)

  6. You will get important, because the everyones are get the network pay and advertisers important it.

  7. hmmm .. yeah alexa shows just the relation with bloggers , coz they are one’s with alexa toolbar installed. Not the actual audience who visit your blog.

  8. I think we should forget about Alexa ranking and concentrate in SEO which at the end is what drives people to your site. An sites selling links charge you more for the page rank anyways, they don’t even mention alexa rankings. My site has an alexa ranking of 600k+ which supposedly is bad. And I can assure you I am making a living because of customers getting into my site because of a good SEO.

  9. I got this opinion not to follow alexa widgets or redirections because it’s not much effective. I have already used on my site, so should I continue it or not?? Visit to see alexa traffic ranking of